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ACNH Collection : NewHorizons

ACNH Collection : NewHorizons PC

4.2Version: 1.1.4



Download ACNH Collection : NewHorizons on PC With GameLoop Emulator

ACNH Collection : NewHorizons, coming from the developer jogador, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play ACNH Collection : NewHorizons on PC with GameLoop smoothly.

Download it in the GameLoop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy ACNH Collection : NewHorizons PC on the large screen for free!

ACNH Collection : NewHorizons Introduction

A collection management app by and for fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons: Animal Crossing: ACNH has been born!

Finally, Version 2.0.4 supported!!


You can check the variations of items, check the availability of each remake, check your favorites, and of course, check the fish, insects, and sea food that are currently appearing!

Functions are simple

Search is powerful and useful!

The search is powerful and useful, and the Japanese names are free of weird translations!



- List of residents you have checked

- Fish currently appearing

- Insects currently appearing

- Seafood currently appearing

The appearance time is easy to see and convenient for collecting.


- Keyword search with free input

You can use katakana, hiragana, and English!

- Filter search by category

In addition to furniture, clothes, etc.

In addition to furniture and clothes, you can also search by favorites, availability, DIY, remake, and more!

This app is the only one that includes Amiibo cards and figures!

#Settings and Collections

- Switch between northern and southern hemispheres

- Switch between Japanese and English display languages.

How do you say it in English? You may find something you didn't expect!

- In-app notification of birthdays ON/OFF

If you check the residents, you will be notified on your birthday!

You can also turn it off from the app.

- Collection rate for each category

The collection rate of each category will increase when you check them.

Aim for 100%!

The number of residents will increase even if you make them your favorites!


On the item detail page, the contents displayed will change depending on the category, such as furniture or recipes.

Take a look at all the different items!


Why release a new app now? Because the existing app was difficult to use in terms of design and functionality. There were also a lot of unused functions that bothered me.

This app doesn't have a lot of features, but I plan to make it even more useful if there are any requests, so please use it a lot and give me good feedback.

Also, if you think it's good, please give me a review!

I'll be very happy if you give me a good review (like 5) and I'll try to do better!

If you have any concerns, please leave me a message with a high rating and I'll do my best!

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How to play ACNH Collection : NewHorizons with GameLoop on PC

1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

2. Open GameLoop and search for “ACNH Collection : NewHorizons” , find ACNH Collection : NewHorizons in the search results and click “Install”

3. Enjoy playing ACNH Collection : NewHorizons on GameLoop

ACNH Collection : NewHorizons


Minimum requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Recommended requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Click To Install