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AEther Heist

AEther Heist

4.2Version: 1.0.0



Download AEther Heist on PC With GameLoop Emulator

AEther Heist, is a popular steam game developed by AEther Heist. You can download AEther Heist and top steam games with GameLoop to play on PC.

Hack into the ÆtherNet, fight off mysterious cyber defenses, collect magical essence, and research improvements to your systems for even more efficient essence plundering and virtual raiding! How deep into the ÆtherNet’s systems can you go? And what will you find there?

The ÆtherNet

Nobody knows where the ÆtherNet came from, or who runs it, but it serves as a free and publicly available network, connecting the people of the world. A friend of yours, a skilled hacker and information broker, has come to you with new information. Apparently, they got their hands on some intel that suggests the ÆtherNet is more than people think, that it transmits more than information, but also magical essence. Of course, this information isn't all that useful on its own, but they also got a software package from their contact that allows interfacing with this magical connection.

Your Place In It All

Your friend has come to you because you are a skilled matrix user, and they know nobody better than you to be the first to use this interface and infiltrate the magical side of the ÆtherNet. Jack in, fight off its security measures, and get to work stealing as much essence as possible! There's a whole new digital world out there, and you two have first mover's advantage!

Shells and Ætheric Essence

Your Shell is your tool and your weapon. It is how you will crack through the cyber defenses of the ÆtherNet and collect essences to research how better to use them. The ÆtherNet contains five different varieties of magical essence; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Æther. As you send essence back to the main repository, your friend research them and find ways for you to use it to augment your Shell, making for even more efficient essence plundering!

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AEther Heist

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