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A Story In Space

A Story In Space

4.2Version: 1.0.0

Joshua Cutting


Download A Story In Space on PC With GameLoop Emulator

A Story In Space, is a popular steam game developed by A Story In Space. You can download A Story In Space and top steam games with GameLoop to play on PC.

Can I tell you a story? A bounty hunter among the cosmos lives a pretty basic life within the galaxy when one day a bounty is put upon the King of a planet named Hakarr for 1,000,000 galactic space units! Hakarr is in a vicious battle against its neighboring planet Pahnbuk where its leader wants to initiate in a war to completely wipe out the people of Hakarr. What happens when the morals you've known all your life are challenged? Can you find a way to save them all and more importantly (or unimportantly) , save yourself?

This game has it all! Turn based battling, challenging battles, wholesome side missions, engaging plot and lore, moral based decision making and even a farming sim! Read more below for more detail! Enjoy this 2D adventure game with a variety of content to keep you on your toes!


The turn based battling is dynamic, fun and requires strategy to be successful!

Fun and interactive puzzles are present to challenge the player!

Follow the main story to stop an evil king and a possibly more destructive queen from destroying two planets!

At least one giant worm named Bobert

Look out for secrets to figure out what the Story teller is hiding!

Follow side missions that pull away from the main story to explore and obtain exciting items, advantages and bits of lore.

There will be some tough decisions that will question your morals and perspective of what makes an ending "good" or "bad"

Multiple endings allow for players to experience their results as a reflection of their actions and morals.

Take a break and enjoy the farming sim part of the game! Are the fights becoming too much? Pick 1,000 carrots to help out a local village of Tandyville and relax!

Watch out for Chad The Angry Tree!

Help a sad square creature, Albert, become the hero of his town!

Did I mention there's a giant worm with a top hat?

Unlike many RPG adventure games, enemy grinding is typically not needed to be successful.

REPORT ANY PROBLEMS TO: (this game was made by me only so I can't test everything so there are most likely a few small bugs)

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    Joshua Cutting

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A Story In Space

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