Free Fire
Free Fire

Free Fire PC

Current Version1.68.1
Game TagAction
Update Time2021-12-01
Free Fire
HD Graphics
Smart Key Positions
Android 7.1
AOW engine

Play Free Fire on PC with GameLoop Emulator

Garena Free Fire | The Ultimate Survival Shooter

Garena Free Fire is an increasingly popular Battle Royale title available for mobile that has taken the whole world by storm. Each fast-paced battle features 50 players lynching each other for survival in an intense 10 minute match, where only the last man standing gets crowned as the winner!

Find the perfect spot to land and kill your way through hordes of enemies with some of the most deadly arsenal at your disposal. Drive vehicles around the wilderness to find safety and loot but beware of the hidden dangers under the bushes.

Play Free Fire PC with Gameloop

Dust off your mouse and keyboard as it’s time to finally up the stakes and take your Free Fire game on PC! Gone are the days of constantly keeping your mobile plugged in to enjoy ultimate survival shooter on a small screen.

With Gameloop you now get to experience the intense battles of Free Fire on PC. Say bye to the frustrating hiccups and raging lags on the phone and unleash the full potential of your game using our fine-tuned emulator tailored according to your Free Fire needs.

Experience the vivid graphics and smooth gameplay with Free Fire PC that makes for the perfect combo of landing a fatal headshot to your enemy from far away. And with easy-to-bind key controls, you will be all set for your path towards the sweet victory!

Winning has NEVER been Easier!

Forget the days of figuring out claw controls on a small screen just to end up getting clipped by a pro. Boot up your PC and show everyone who the real boss is in this epic showdown of survival.

Smooth just BECAME Smoother

The fast-paced 4v4 Clash Squad can be clunky on mobile but Gameloop makes the whole experience smoother than ever on PC. with swift controls and tetherless gameplay, all you need to focus on are your aiming skills.

Take your TEAM-PLAY to the Next Level

Communication is the key to winning competitive matches and having pre-bind key controls to quickly ping your teammates about enemy locations or rare loot can be a MASSIVE advantage and luckily Gameloop lets you do just that with Free Fire PC!

How to play Free Fire with GameLoop on PC


Download GameLoop emulator from the official website


Run the exe file to install GameLoop


Open GameLoop and search for Free Fire in the upper search bar


Find Free Fire in the search results and click “Install”


After installation, click “Start” to begin the game


Enjoy playing Free Fire for PC on GameLoop