HyakKinder PC

Current Version1.22.584448
Game TagsStrategy
Update Time2021-09-10
DeveloperNetease Games Global
Extreme HD
Smart Keymap
Android Compatible
AOW Engine

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HyakKinder On Pc

HyakKinder, coming from the Netease Games Global, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play HyakKinder on PC with Gameloop smoothly.

Download it in the Gameloop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy HyakKinder on the large screen for free!

HyakKinder Introduction

Become a cute shikigami and join your friends in the kindergarten scramble. Complete your tasks and then... sudden betrayal! The game features fast, 3-minute rounds, which means you can hop in and out at any time you want. Get in touch with others even if you're home alone in quarantine! Invite your friends and family to re-experience the fun of a simpler time: childhood! The real-time voice chat means there will be plenty of laughs! Ibaraki Doji, Ootengu, Aoandon... The powerful legendary spirits have now turned into cute kindergarteners who are put to the test by assistant principal Hakuzosu! Be extra careful, for there are Prefects spying on you while hiding in plain sight! The Students need to stick together and complete the tasks to pass the test, and the Prefects are there to zip around behind the scenes and sabotage the Students' efforts. They even have the ultimate "sealing" trick up their sleeves to turn all Students into Paper Dolls! Pick a side in the battle between Students and Prefects, and return to the happier days of your childhood with the help of voice chat!

[Game Features]

[The fight between two factions! ]

– Students

"Kamaitachi brothers, come measure your heights! Now stand still!" "Why did the vending machine break down? Let me fix it!" — Complete unique tasks together, but look out for the Prefects who are hiding among us in plain sight! Stick together to avoid getting picked off one by one, but remember to stay vigilant, because the trusted teammate at your side you could be a Prefect scheming to take you down!

– Prefects

"This is the kindergarten's ultimate trial. How could we let you pass it so easily?" — Prefects follow Students around, and seal anyone who's been separated from the group when they least expect it! Hide your trail using teleportation fields, and control the discussions to avoid getting voted out!

[Party Online!Test your acting and deduction skills!]

"No.7 is the one who did it. They appeared near the teleportation field that leads to the room where the Paper Doll was found!" — Observe your surroundings, for there's always someone who's lurking with an ulterior motive instead of doing tasks. Of course, there's also the chance you could witness a "crime" or see someone walking out of a teleportation field. If you do find yourself in that situation, turn around and bail!

[Real-time voice chat! Act out your role with voice!]

Make use of the 120-second voice discussion to share information in real time before voting. Of course, general chitchat is also welcome!

[Quick Game!Enjoy the game wherever you are!]

3-minute no-pressure rounds mean that you can hop in at any time for some action, whether you're waiting in line for your lunch, or just taking a break from work! Have the most immersive experience in 3-minute bursts thanks to quick matching and low-latency gameplay!

[Beginner-friendly!Multiple difficulty-levels; easy to pick up!]

Beginner (Text only), Beginner (Voice chat), Advanced (Voice chat), Demon Parade... Take your pick from a great choice of game modes! It doesn't matter whether you're a rookie or a pro, you'll find the right mode for you!

[Multiple-language version available!]

Authentic representation of global culture, impeccable localization. Meet up with young people from across the world and enjoy a seamless experience with the in-game text/voice chat!

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How to play HyakKinder with GameLoop on PC

Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

Open GameLoop and search for “HyakKinder” , find HyakKinder in the search results and click “Install”

2. Open GameLoop and search for “HyakKinder” , find HyakKinder in the search results and click “Install”

Enjoy playing HyakKinder on GameLoop

3. Enjoy playing HyakKinder on GameLoop

Click to Install