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Agent 9

Agent 9

4.2Version: 1.0.0

Noodle Games


Download Agent 9 on PC With GameLoop Emulator

Agent 9, is a popular steam game developed by Agent 9. You can download Agent 9 and top steam games with GameLoop to play on PC.


- 8 Unique Levels

- Super Stealthy Mechanics

- Original Thumpin Blues Music

- Arbitrary High Scores and Ratings

- Permadeath and Casual Modes

- Sub-Par Enemy Variety

- Exactly 2 Boss Battles

- Super Big Secrets


With difficult enemies, quick levels and no checkpoints, Agent 9 is pretty unforgiving. Succeeding at a level requires you to learn it's ins and outs, enemy locations, and unique mechanics. Master a level by aiming for it’s platinum rating or take the time to find its hidden secrets. Get your hands on a few weapons that will help you combat enemies ranging from pesky drones to extremely angry looking goons. (wait until you see their faces) Defeat powerful bosses, dodge a storm of bullets, and pistol-flip your way to fame and badassery!

Stylized World

The elusive Enigma Order threatens world stability and it’s up to Agent 9 to stop them in their tracks! Dive into the 1960's vintage sci-fi world through hand-made and original levels. From underground lairs to snowy mountain tops, Agent 9 offers a varied and beautiful array of environments for you to explore. Grab your car keys, snuff out your cigarette, and get to work!

Underdog Developer

Agent 9 is the project of a single person under the name of Noodle Games. It's rough around the edges and unintentionally silly at times! There's nothing that will blow you away, but its a fun few hours where you can experience the end-result of my 9-month long learning experience. So thanks for stopping by, and remember to embrace the jankiness!

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    Noodle Games

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Agent 9

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