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Age of Valakas: Vietnam

Age of Valakas: Vietnam

4.2Version: 1.0.0



Download Age of Valakas: Vietnam on PC With GameLoop Emulator

Age of Valakas: Vietnam, is a popular steam game developed by Age of Valakas: Vietnam. You can download Age of Valakas: Vietnam and top steam games with GameLoop to play on PC.

You again have to join one of the conflicting parties and take part in the confrontation. This time, you'll travel to Vietnam to try and go through a brutal yet dramatic campaign.

One of the most terrible wars in which Valakas himself took part, you will have to endure all the hardships of the war, the hardships of the dangerous jungle, the jungle full of treacherous traps and evil partisans. The story begins during the Vietnam War, a story about an ordinary soldier, whose fate has prepared many trials for him. The Second World War taught him to survive under the most extreme conditions, for him the Vietnam War seemed like a joke, but a year later he realized that he had never seen more insidious war in his life ...

  • Dynamic warfare on the ground, under water and in the air
  • Destroy crowds of enemies, enemy equipment, weapons available at that time
  • 10 types of weapons, samples of weapons of the US and Soviet Union, starting with the M1911 Colt, ending with the RPG7 grenade launcher
  • Fly the "Huey" Bell UH-1 helicopter, blasting the jungle with lead fire with the M60 machine gun
  • Explore guerrilla tunnels filled with traps and mines
  • Improved graphics with technology 54D v 5.0

"Another idiotic story about Valakas again?" - you ask. I will answer: No! This time the story is based on real events, according to the stories of Valakas himself, and this game claims to be historical.

The game contains blood and violence, the author condemns violence in any of its manifestations. The opinion of the author is at variance with the opinion of the heroes of this game.

"Can you smell it? It's pizza sonny. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of pizza in the morning."

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Age of Valakas: Vietnam

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