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ABD - Legacy Edition

ABD - Legacy Edition

4.2Version: 1.0.0

Robert Bonner,Boris Blosse,Jack Hanley,Ben Rawles


Download ABD - Legacy Edition on PC With GameLoop Emulator

ABD - Legacy Edition, is a popular steam game developed by ABD - Legacy Edition. You can download ABD - Legacy Edition and top steam games with GameLoop to play on PC.

ABD: Legacy Edition enables access to future DLC & Expansions regardless of how many we make. By purchasing ABD: A Beautiful Day - Legacy Edition, you are supporting the development of the game, and getting access to content that will far exceed the cost of Legacy as we move through the development process.

Future expansions include, are not limited to, and may change or increase:

Access to Technology Tier(s): 11-35
ABD: The Mesopotamian Expansion
ABD: The African Expansion
ABD: The Asian Expansion
ABD: The European Expansion
ABD: Markets & Merchants
ABD: The Dark Age
ABD: The Iron Age
ABD: The Middle Age
ABD: The Renaissance
ABD: The Age of Enlightenment
ABD: Western Civilization
ABD: The Industrial Revolution
ABD: The Wild West
ABD: The Great Wars
ABD: The Death of a Star
ABD: Legacy Edition is only available on Steam.
**NOTE: Legacy Edition does not include Marketplace, Workshop, ABD Coins or Microtransactions.**

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    Robert Bonner,Boris Blosse,Jack Hanley,Ben Rawles

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ABD - Legacy Edition

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