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3Buttons - Donation Edition

3Buttons - Donation Edition

4.2Version: 1.0.0

John Segerstedt


Download 3Buttons - Donation Edition on PC With GameLoop Emulator

3Buttons - Donation Edition, is a popular steam game developed by 3Buttons - Donation Edition. You can download 3Buttons - Donation Edition and top steam games with GameLoop to play on PC.


This DLC is strictly for donation purposes.


3Buttons is a short free-to-play platformer where you will only need three buttons to play!

Choose between three different geometrical shapes; Sphere, Capsule, and the dreaded Cube.

If you beat the game on 'Speedrunner', then you can submit your High Score for the global leaderboards!

Good luck.



Choose between three different geometrical shapes, each with its own difficulty level:

  • Sphere - The easiest way to play. Small and perfectly symmetrical.

  • Capsule - Slightly harder than the Sphere as it has a 'wobbly' effect.

  • Cube - Practically impossible after Level1. Only exists for the real try-hards out there.

Game Modes:

Choose between two different game modes:

  • Normal - When you die you will respawn at the start of the level.

  • Speedrunner - No respawn. However, if you beat the game your result will be added to the High Scores.

Other Features:

  • Bindings - Allows the user to customize its input keybindings.

  • Menu Shortcuts - All UI navigation can be done using just your keyboard.

  • Cutscenes - Before each level there is a short cutscene highlighting the the architecture of the level.

  • Original Music - All of the music was composed directly for this game.

  • Native FPS-Counter - Press 'T' to toggle the native fps-counter.

  • Graphic Settings - There are three different graphic settings: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH.

  • Resolution/Framerate Ambivalence - The game should work on all resolutions and framerates.

The game will forever be completely free-to-play.



* The cutscenes seem to not play properly on Linux devices.


About the game as a project

My name is John 'Flex' Segerstedt, currently an IT college student, and this game was designed and developed by me during the summer of 2018 using Unity.

I hope you enjoy the game, as I enjoyed making it, and if there is some glaring bug that is a must-fix then don't be afraid to contact me about it.

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    John Segerstedt

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3Buttons - Donation Edition

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