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Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper

Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper PC

4.2Version: 2.0.0

Linaa Developer


Download Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper on PC With GameLoop Emulator

Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper, coming from the developer Linaa Developer, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper on PC with GameLoop smoothly.

Download it in the GameLoop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper PC on the large screen for free!

Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper Introduction

Zenitsu Agatsuma (我妻 善逸 Agatsuma Zen'itsu?) is one of the main protagonists of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and along with Inosuke Hashibira, a travelling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He is also a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Zenitsu is a young boy of average height with fair skin and downward-sloped, scared-looking eyes that fade from soft brown to gold. He has short, yellow hair of varying lengths, cutting off squarely at the ends where it fades to a darker orange color, that falls in front of his face in uneven bangs. Before he became a Demon Slayer, Zenitsu's hair was originally black, but it turned the color it is currently when he was struck by lightning during his training.

For some time following the battle at Natagumo Mountain, his limbs temporarily shrunk due to the Spider Demon (Son)'s poison but were able to return to normal afterward thanks to the medicine given to him by Shinobu Kocho.

He wears a paler brown version of the standard Demon Slayer uniform, which consists of a dark brown gakuran jacket, a white belt around his waist and hakama pants that extend, as well as his signature white-triangle patterned, yellow and orange gradient haori. As well as this, Zenitsu also sports a pair of Kyahan, tied at the front in 3 white bows, with the same pattern as his haori, pale brown tabi socks and white-laced zōri.


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How to play Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper with GameLoop on PC

1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

2. Open GameLoop and search for “Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper” , find Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper in the search results and click “Install”

3. Enjoy playing Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper on GameLoop

Agatsuma Zenitsu Wallpaper


Minimum requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Recommended requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Click To Install