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1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer

1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer PC

3.5Version: 8.1.5

Opplysningen 1881 AS


Download 1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer on PC With GameLoop Emulator

1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer on PC

1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer, coming from the developer Opplysningen 1881 AS, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play 1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer on PC with GameLoop smoothly.

Download it in the GameLoop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy 1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer PC on the large screen for free!

1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer Introduction

1881 Mobile search looks up unknown numbers and shows who is calling - while it is ringing.

Get info if you are called or receive SMS from unknown numbers including spam, sales and the like.

The app is ad-free and requires a subscription that costs NOK 49 per month, new customers get 30 days free.

The app shows the name if you call a number that is not in the contact list, i.e. auto search for outgoing calls. All searches from 1881 Mobilsøk go against Opplysningen 1881's database, which ensures high quality. NOTE: Use of the 1881 Mobilsøk apps requires a subscription (NOK 49 per month, first month free), or a business agreement with Opplysningen 1881. Read more on our website.

PS! The app will request access to: Send and read SMS texts, View contacts, Make and manage calls. These accesses are necessary to provide you with the app's core functionality of "See Who's Calling", "See Who's Texting" and "Save Contact". The information is handled only locally on your phone and not copied or shared.


- See who is calling (Caller ID)

- Notification for telephone sales etc. (Spam detection)

- Receive a notification with a name when you receive an SMS from an unknown number

- Call and SMS log with automatic lookup from 1881

- "See who's calling" requires access to the phone and SMS log to work


- Search by name, number, companies or industries

- "1881 log" – gives you an overview of all your 1881 searches via app, SMS and phone

- Proximity search - for services close to where you are (e.g. restaurant)

- Search in your company's internal catalog (requires company agreement with Opplysningen 1881)


- Save and manage favorites

- The contact list sorts and only shows contacts with phone numbers

- Compiles contacts from several sources

- The contact list also contains 1881 contacts from search/use

- Update incomplete contact information with notices in 1881, e.g. addresses

- Quick menu with call, SMS, email and details for all contacts

- Country code (+47) is included when you call from the app (useful abroad)

- Map display, navigation and directions including street view from Google

- See accounting figures for companies


- Create groups and easily send SMS to several people at once. (note; not group conversation)

- Your groups are saved in a cloud solution so you can keep them when reinstalling the app, changing phones, etc. (storage can be turned off under settings)

TELEPHONE MEETING (no extra cost):

- Set up and call in to a telephone meeting easily - from the group solution or from the telephone meeting menu.

- Notice is sent by SMS with a link to a website with an overview of the meeting, including a list of participants, and a link to a calendar entry.

- The telephone meeting only costs local rates - for both "owner" and participants.

- No PIN for invited participants (PIN automatically follows the mobile number)


1881 Mobilsøk is a prepaid subscription service and costs NOK 49 per month and is added to your mobile bill. New customers have 30 days free after start-up, with automatic renewal. You will be notified by SMS when invoicing. The service can be stopped at any time by sending an SMS with "Stop Mobilsøk" to 1881 and you retain the service for the duration of the agreement.

Opplysningen 1881 has been named the best number information service several times in competition with other players for number information such as 180, 1888, 1880 and Gule Sider.

1881 Mobilsøk performs a lookup of unknown callers and displays who is calling - while it is calling. Get alert if you are dialed or receive SMS from unknown numbers including spam from sellers and the like. All searches from 1881 Mobilsøk goes towards Opplysningen 1881's database which ensures high quality.

Opplysningen 1881 is Norway's leading communicator of personal and business information, with origin from Telenor's directory service. At the core of our operations is the Opplysningen 1881 database with millions of entries. Names, addresses, telephone numbers and company information are available for all communication channels.

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    Opplysningen 1881 AS

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How to play 1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer with GameLoop on PC

1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

2. Open GameLoop and search for “1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer” , find 1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer in the search results and click “Install”

3. Enjoy playing 1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer on GameLoop

1881 Mobilsøk — Hvem ringer


Minimum requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Recommended requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

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