Current Version1.7.0
Game TagAction
Update Time2021-11-16
HD Graphics
Smart Key Positions
Android 7.1
AOW engine

Play PUBG MOBILE on PC with GameLoop Emulator

PUBG Mobile | The Next-Gen Shooter

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile is ranked as the BEST Battle Royale title for mobile devices. Coming from the developers Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, PUBG mobile offers some of the best graphics for a multiplayer shooter title.

With insanely EPIC 100-player battles, this game lets you experience some of the most intense fights for survival. Play with teammates or go out as a lone ranger in this epic showdown to become the last man standing.

Featuring a variety of game modes including the thrilling 4v4 deathmatch and terrifying zombie modes, this game is a perfect grab-bag to slay the boredom and become the king of Battle Royale!

Play PUBG Mobile PC with Gameloop

Playing on-the-go is fun but not at the cost of constant charge ups and sticky controls that lets you down. It’s time to bid your goodbye to small screens as Gameloop allows you to experience the true console quality of PUBG right on your PCs!

Without the need to upgrade your system, you can now boot up your PUBG mobile directly on your PC screens for absolutely free. No more eyeing the battery or avoiding frustrating calls at the wrong time. Experience the ultimate hassle-free gameplay that lets you keep your focus on winning the game.

With easy controls and smooth gameplay on PUBG Mobile PC, surviving the intense classic 100-player battle or the fast-paced 4v4 deathmatch feels like a breeze. So are you ready to take your competitors down and be the Winner Winner and have the Chicken Dinner?

The Official PUBG Mobile Emulator

Gameloop is the official PUBG mobile emulator which is tailor-made to provide you with highly optimized gameplay for max performance boost. With a plethora of personalized settings, Gameloop is considered as the BEST emulator for PUBG mobile that helps you easily outwit your competition and enjoy the ultra smooth gameplay without hiccups.

Become the Master of Recoil

With 9 different weapon categories each with their own unique settings, one thing that’s hard to wrap your head around is getting used to recoil patterns. But with easily customizable aim-sensitivity settings in Gameloop, you can become the master of your favorite guns’ recoil in no time!

PUBG Mobile on PC for FREE

Now experience the next-gen battle royale gameplay right on your PC screens without spending a single dollar. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate survivor in a sea of survivors? Download PUBG Mobile on PC using Gameloop to find out!

How to play PUBG MOBILE with GameLoop on PC


Download GameLoop emulator from the official website


Run the exe file to install GameLoop


Open GameLoop and search for PUBG MOBILE in the upper search bar


Find PUBG MOBILE in the search results and click “Install”


After installation, click “Start” to begin the game


Enjoy playing PUBG MOBILE for PC on GameLoop