Join the Squid Game Excitement With Gameloop!


The TV series, which has become the new favorite of the players in the web world and social platform, has met with computer players.


The most interesting of game lovers is the fact that series and movie productions become games. The fact that Squid Game is presented as a game on devices such as computers, consoles such as Android and Xbox excites gamers.


In a world you watch and want to be a part of in some way, fighting online within the game means an invaluable experience for players.

In this article, we will give detailed information about “Squid Game” and explain how users can download the game to their computer with a picture explanation.


Our readers, who do not want to examine the story of the game, can continue reading our article under the title "Squid Game Met with Players".


Readers wondering how to download the game directly to the computer, "How to Play Squid Game on Computer via Roblox?" They can find the detailed information they are looking for from the title.


Squid Game Madness


"Squid Game", the new series of the popular content publisher Netflix, is the most watched and curious series of series recently. The series was broadcast on September 17, 2021.

The scenario of the series set in South Korea, its unexpected developments, the infrastructure where the audience can find parts of their own life, has attracted a lot of attention even though the first season has just been published.


The fact that the series gained attention in such a short time has obviously created an unexpected situation for the producers. Due to the increased data traffic, the internet provider of the series "SK Broadband" sued Netflix for maintenance fees.


What is the subject of Squid Game?


“Squid Game” means “Squid Game” in our language. Although it doesn't mean much to us, it is the name of a popular game played by children living in South Korea on the street.

In the game, together with the geometric shapes drawn on the ground, the winner is determined according to whether the players stay inside or outside the area drawn according to certain rules. Because the drawn shape resembles a squid, the game is named "Squid Game".


In the scenario of the series, it is told that 456 players, who have had bad luck, have financial difficulties and have huge debts, join the game by putting their lives on the line in order to win the prize money as a last hope.


But the game they participate in is not a game based on entertainment as they expect. There are very clear rules in the game. And players who do not abide by these rules are punished with death.


The players, who communicate with a business card given in their hands, are brought to an island surrounded by the sea on 4 sides after being put to sleep with sleeping gas on the way. The players who open their eyes in a big dormitory are struggling to survive by starting the first game in the unknown.

Many tragic events take place in the series. For example, in game 4, players are asked to be partners. While the players who are spouses with their most sincere friends think that they will fight together against rival teams, they learn that they will compete against each other with the information news.


And the side that loses this competition will face the cruel death penalty. People who witness the end of their lives in front of their loved ones are trying to succeed in the game and win the prize money under a heavy psychological stress.


Squid Game Meets Players


The series, which attracts the attention of the players with its magnificent scenario, met with the users as a game.


"Roblox", offered to users by the game developer named "Roblox Corporation", is a virtual world that allows online gaming experience and where players can design and program a game they want.

It is possible to connect to this virtual world with computers, Android and iOS devices, VR glasses and Xbox One. Through Roblox, players can play Squid Game.

Popular broadcasters with a large audience on social platforms such as Twitch (“Moist Critical, PewDiePie” are some of the publishers) broadcast the game to their audiences as live broadcasts.


The game proceeds one-on-one with the movie script. It is presented to users with Turkish language support.


Players start the game in a dormitory and participate in competitions with their opponents. These competitions are; It consists of games such as Red Light - Green Light, Sugar Honeycomb Game, Dormitory Survival, Rope Pulling, Crossing the Glass Bridge, Guess the Marble Game.


How to Play Squid Game on Computer Via Roblox?


It takes an average of “6” minutes to download the game to your computer and start playing immediately, depending on your internet speed.

In order to play Squid Game online with other players, you must first go to and download gameloop.


Gameloop is an emulator that lets you play Android games comfortably on your computer. It is enough to visit the site to access popular Android games and have a pleasant gaming experience. Moreover, it is possible to play the downloaded games online with your friends.


When you enter the website, simply click on the red "Download" text at the top right.

The download will start automatically. After completing the download process, pressing the "Install" button on the screen that appears in front of you will be enough for you to install the emulator on your computer.


Then you need to click on the green “Start” button. With this command, we come across the emulator's interface.

At the top, we need to write “Roblox” in the gray search magnifier and click on the red “Install” button that appears on the right.


The download appears in the place of the button you clicked as a percentile and download tasks are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

“Roblox” will open automatically when the download is finished. To create a membership from this screen, we need to click on the "Register" button, if we want to continue with our current membership, we need to click on the "Login" button.

After logging into Roblox, we need to write "Squid Game" in the search magnifier in the upper right corner. On the screen that opens, there are versions of the game made by users. As you can play the renewed versions of the game here, we have to click on the photo named "Squid Game (Turkish)", which is currently presented to users with Turkish language support.


You can enter the game by pressing the green “play” sign at the bottom of the screen. You can experience the game online and in Turkish.


In this fight to survive, you need attention, reflexes and a little luck. Good luck!



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