PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile Lite: 5 Major Differences Listed


PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG New State are two names that the mobile gaming community might be familiar with. The former is a streamlined variant of PUBG Mobile, which is specially designed to provide a seamless battle royale experience to players using low-end handsets.

PUBG New State is a new game that was first unveiled by Krafton back in February this year. Pre-registrations for the game have been open for quite some time, and it is expected to be launched within the next several months.

Differences between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile Lite

5) Number of players in a match

PUBG Mobile Lite features 60 users in a single match (Image via PUBG Mobile Lite)

The number of players who participate in a particular match varies in both games.

PUBG Mobile Lite features 60 players competing against each other in a single battle royale, whereas PUBG New State has 100 players in each game, similar to the regular battle royale titles.

4) Map size

The name of PUBG New State's map is Troi (Image via PUBG New State)

The map size in PUBG Mobile Lite is 2x2, which allows for a much swifter battle royale experience. On the other hand, the battlefield in PUBG New State - "Troi" is only 8x8 in size.

3) Graphics

When it comes to graphics, users will notice a significant difference between the two titles. As PUBG Mobile Lite is designed for low-end devices, the graphics are subpar compared to that of PUBG New State. However, when the requirements are considered, they are pretty reasonable compared to the majority of the other titles on the platform.

2) Minimum requirements

There is quite an alteration in the minimum requirements of the titles as well. For PUBG Mobile Lite to function well, it requires 1 GB of RAM and 600 MB of space, whilst the minimum requirements for PUBG New State are Android version 6 and 2 GB of RAM.

1) Futuristic items

PUBG New State is based in 2051, and therefore the developers have introduced a variety of futuristic items such as drones and ballistic shields, which aren't available in PUBG Mobile Lite and most of the other mobile battle royal titles.

These additions set PUBG New State apart from the other games of the battle royale genre.

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