Power of Dragon

游戏分类Role Playing
更新时间2019-11-21 10:11:00
高清画质 大屏畅享
智能键位 还原端游
安卓7.1 完美兼容
极致多开 多屏操作
自研引擎 极速畅快
独家反外挂 公平竞技

Power of Dragon 电脑版模拟器

Power of Dragon is a casual SLG that combines idleness, open-world RPG, and turn-based gameplay. As a royal descendant of Tassland, the player needs to summon his friends in the fight against evil to bring back light and peace to the world. Gather your forces and reclaim Tass! An idle gameplay Dispatch your troops into auto combats, and capitalize on your fragmented time. Surprises await you in each time of login. Smurfing? It’s not an option! Open World The huge adventure map combines mining, encounters, and special events, as well as hidden dungeons for you to explore! An Innovative Duo-Mode 8v8 Squad Fights and 25v25 Legion Wars—duo-mode and multiple hero slots make every hero shine! A Wealth of Gameplay Summoning, campaigns, realms, explorations, Colosseums, battlefields, crusades…. Tons of content for you to experience! Deep Strategy With heroes of 6 races, a variety of skills, bonds, and tactics, you’re allowed to develop your own strategy with ease!

如何在电脑上用手游助手玩《Power of Dragon》手游

运行 exe 文件完成安装
打开手游助手模拟器并在右上方搜索栏输入Power of Dragon
在腾讯手游助手上畅玩Power of Dragon电脑版


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