[CODM] How Call of Duty: Mobile came out? Why play CODM on Gameloop

09-24|by : Gameloop
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Hey gamers, I’m bet you’ve all heard of the game series Call of Duty®, especially with all the hype around its newest breakthrough, Call of Duty®: Mobile. Bringing iconic titles such as Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and more, their series has surely stamped its place in gaming history. Through its 13-year time period, the development of their game has finely crafted the genre and have amassed its own community culture and its huge fan groups.

Now, in the age where huge games can be played on mobile devices, the franchise has finally moved to the next step. This is not the only thing, for this game, they have capitalized on another hot topic in the gaming community today. With the boom of the battle royale genre, the game has also tailored its game to include this popular arena-like game mode. This not only allows veterans to play their favorite type of game on the go, but it allows for a whole new spectrum of players to join the community.

IP of Call of Duty was bought by Activision. Besides, Activision has partnered up with Tencent Games for the development of Call of Duty®: Mobile. Game release in Europe and America is responsible to Activision while Garena takes charge of the release in Southeast Asia except Vietnam. In fact, over 50 million users join in pre-registration after the test version of Call of Duty®: mobile being released in Australia. Definitely, Call of Duty®: mobile is one of the most expected mobile game in 2019.

Here’s the thing, traditionally, we play Call of Duty®: Mobile on our phones. However, playing it on a phone may not satisfy users' requirements.

Bigger screen, higher resolution on PC

When users are handling it on phones, their sight is restrained by the small screens, and the lack of space would affect their control. High resolution of PC leads in-game animation, weapons and details more vivid. Since Call of Duty®: Mobile is a first-person shooter, manipulating it on PC could give users a stronger visual effect. Users don't have to stare their small phone screens for a long time.

More accurate aiming and shooting on PC

Playing Call of Duty®: Mobile on PC can lead users to an immersive feeling. Every action you take on the phone, the PC can make better. With this help, you could take aim accurately, avoiding lapses especially in Battle Royale mode which need much more actions in game such as finding the item and picking up it. Also, playing Call of Duty®: Mobile on PC can allow you to change key-mapping. With this help, the controls are up to you.

Relatively lower configuration and no consideration of Battery on PC

The most important benefit of using Call of Duty: Mobile on PC is that the usage of Call of Duty: Mobile on PC will not be strictly restrained by the configuration of your devices. Your mobile device can’t run it? No problem, this means that you can still enjoy the awesome moments of this video game just as well, and most likely better on the PC. The fluency of Call of Duty®: Mobile won't be affected by your devices. Moreover, users no longer have to consider the condition of their mobile device battery without disturbing on PC.

Right now, the only way to play CODM(Call of Duty®: Mobile) on PC is to use GameLoop, which is a brand- new game platform launched in 2019 and started as an Android emulator for users to download and play mobile games on PC. Comparing to other emulators and game platforms, GameLoop adopts the self-innovated AOW engine to ensure faster opening speed and smoother gaming performance. Exclusive in-depth adaption of CODM was added in Gameloop. Users could customize their settings and key mapping in Gameloop as well to achieve better game experience.

GameLoop is the product of rebranding Tencent Gaming Buddy, which also named TBG. This platform has provided many popular games, including CODM, PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. According to the company, GameLoop will strive to integrate the diverse aspects of gaming experience for both users and developers into one self- evolving, interactive environment. Look forward to more games launched in Gameloop in the future.

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