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12-06|by : GameLoop
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As a popular MOBA mobile game, Mobile Legends has obtained massive attention for the public since it first launched. Players could select and create a team with their friends freely and battle within merely 10 minutes. here are some detailed information and guides for you to perform well in the game, hope you could enjoy your experience of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on GameLoop

1. Classic MOBA map, play 5v5 if you want

Real-life 5v5 real-time battles, three-way soldier line push towers, 4 field areas, 18 defensive towers, 2 field bosses, classic MOBA maps are fully reproduced. Complete 5v5 live-action combat, restore the most authentic classic MOBA gameplay.

2. Teamwork, strategy winning

Resist damage, control enemies, heal teammates, choose your favorite from tanks, mages, shooters, assassins, auxiliary and other heroes and become the team heart or the best of the audience, new heroes continue to join!

3. Fair play, strength Carry all

Originating from the classic MOBA, the hero has no cultivation and no evaluation attributes. On the fair playing field, the victory and defeat are determined by technology and strength. Playing without winning.

4. Minimal operation, super super easy

Left hand virtual joystick, right hand skill button, minimalist operation, two thumbs can take you super super easy! The automatic lock and target selection functions allow you to make up your own set of knives and refuse airspace; even the system recommends one-click remote purchase, allowing you to focus more on the fun and fun of the battle!

5.10 seconds match, 10 minutes inning

Complete the game in 10 seconds, complete a game within 10 minutes, give up the prolonged long growth process, advance the rhythm of the team battle, less boring waiting and tedious operations, mostly the thrill of killing and the joy of winning. Any place, any gap, pick up the mobile phone to open a group at any time, and join the exciting and exciting MOBA competitive world.

6. Intelligent disconnection protection, offline AI help

Dropping in MOBA means pit teammates or being pitted by teammates. Mobile Legends has a powerful disconnection and reconnection mechanism. Even if you are offline, you can quickly return to the game and continue fighting; while you or your teammates are offline, your The character will be taken over by the system AI to avoid the tragedy of five or four

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