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12-23|by : GameLoop
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Archero is an action-type adventure placement mobile game launched by Habby. In the game, players will play an archer warrior who kills demons, go to the dungeon, kill various evil forces, and finally save the world. Here are some tips for you to play this game better:

  • Be Smart and Take Much Attention on Avoiding Enemies.

Famous as its RPG character, the mission you need to do in the game is nor merely include how to collect the heroes and talents besides, you need to understand how to avoid the attack from the enemies. As you move around by joystick and shooting when you stop moving, the most important thing is that you need to move more flexibility and dodge them. Meanwhile, apart from moving your joystick, you can also use cover to dodge fire from your enemy. You can simply lay blocks on the map and protect yourself from the fire attack.

  • Try Your Best to Maxiazmun Your Abilities.

If you want to level up quickly, you need to take part in various adventures. Whereas, once you need to select a specific ability to join in the adventure, you need to notice the ability of you evil monsters you need to defeat in the adventure. Since different adventures correspond to different levels and chapters, you need to take both offensive and defensive into account.

The Most Recommended Offensive Abilities are:

Attack Speed Boost

Rear Arrows

Bouncy Wall

Piercing Shot


Side Arrows

Diagonal Arrows


The Most Recommondate Defensive Abilities are:

Shield Guard: providing you with two shields, these two shields surround your hero

Invisibility Star: cover you for two seconds when you are in the force field

Wingman: similar to Shield Guard, as a shield to protect you from attacks

  • Upgrade Your Talents Via Collecting Coins

Once you defeat your enemies, you will obtain coins or spin, which could help you to upgrade your talents. In the beginning, you need to know the talent includes strength, power, and recover. These talents are useful to improve your collision resilience, attack speed, and healing. Generally, there are three Tiers of talents: Common, Rare, and Epic. In particular, Epic talents include Enhance, Time Reward, and Glory. Hence you need to spend your coins more carefully.

Now you might be familiar with this RPG game, now you can play Archero on PC with GameLoop. Plus, there are massive RPG, SLG, FPS games on GameLoop, you can enjoy your gaming experience once you download this emulator.

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