[AFK] How to Download AFK Arena on PC with GameLoop (Fromly Tencent Gaming Buddy)

12-17|by : GameLoop
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Introduction of AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a typical RPG game, where you can create your own world, conquering with the invasion, training heroes for battle. Players in the game could alliance with other people, exploring and uncover hidden treasures, collecting diamonds and soul stones, battling and uniting other players, becoming the winner.

Why Playing AFK Arena on PC with GameLoop?

Play AFK Arena on GameLoop could bring you an immersive experience with such epic and amazing landscapes of the new land, eventually, players could get involved in the environment and the whole game setting. also, with the support of advanced and faster engine support, you could notice a flexible and fluence operation of AFK Arena on GameLoop.

Also, as one of the newest emulators, GameLoop 3,0 could provide:

Fast and accurate Controller with mouse and keyboard

- Improve the precise shooting and aiming skills of players, so that it is more like for them to obtain the final winner.
- Provides two engines support, especially, the exclusive AOW engine provide a smooth game experience for players
- Marvelous and optimal performance boosts the speed of screen loading without game lagging and stuck
- Offers intelligent Keymapping design, players could customize their own shooting control in the game on PC

Ultimate graphic and vision, exclusive support of 2K resolution

- Provides fantastic graphic with 2k resolution, ensure that players could enjoy the immersive gaming experience

- Obtain a detailed view of the Heroes and Characters, especially for these players with high requirement about game graphics

- Establish an immersive game environment for players with the in-depth adoption

Lower Equipment Requirement, Min. 2GB RAM

- Fix the common problem about the fast power consumption of mobile
- Longer gaming duration for players, no longer to worry about Power-off issues
- Flexible and fluence game experience and involvement on PC

How to Install AFK Arena on PC

  • Download and Install GameLoop, and the setup size is less than 10 MBs. The official download link for the setup can be found at GameLoop
  • Launch GameLoop and navigate to the Game Center from the list at the left of the window.

  • Find AFK Arena on The GameLoop Emulator. Go to the game center, and you can find the AFK Arena banner, if not, use the search option at the top left of the window to search for the game.
  • Download & Install AFK Arena on The Emulator. Clicking on the Install option and start to download and then install the game on your computer.
  • Open AFK Arena and Enjoy playing. Once this is done, head to the ‘My Games’ tab from the list on the left of the window. And Click to play.
  • Playing AFK Arena on The Emulator. The controls for the game are already preset in the emulator. Once launch the game, you should be able to see the default controller on the right side of the window. You can also customize control by clicking the key mapping option on the right side of the window.
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