[HOT] The Most Popular Dating Applications in Valentine’s Day

2020-02-13|by : GameLoop
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Tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day, I am sure that you are ready for this festival, if you do not prepare well, you can spend your time on playing games that we have mentioned before since there are lots of activities there. Well, if you do not have a partner, it is highly recommended to read the following sharing about dating applications. Hoping you can find the most interested one for you.


Snapchat is a social application based on pictures and short video communication. It is characterized by burning after reading and various special graphic editing functions. Compared with other social applications, Snapchat pays more attention to her camera function. snapchat has various and distinctive lens, in addition, the screen slides left and right, you can choose a variety of snap filters. When sending snap photos to friends, you can set the length of time that friends watch the photos. From 1 second to 10 seconds, or unlimited time; after the limit time, the photo is no longer available. If your friend took a photo, video or chat, you will receive a message "your friend took a screenshot".


You might notice the recent news about Brad Pitt, who makes a joke of Tinder on his speech. It is no doubt that Tinder is supposed to be the best and first application for new daters to open their dating world. As a classic social software, it allows users sending gifs, sharing Spotify music. The utilization of Tinder is simple, which allow you to make a decision and swipe quickly with your first impression. Once you upload your personal information on this application, you begin your dating journey there. The selection of daters comes from you swipe right (like) or left (pass), even up (super likes) in terms of the provided information.

Hily Dating App

Hily is the abbreviation of "Hey, I Like You", and it is also the only app with a daily check function. You can draw a lottery every day, if you draw a unblurs, you have the chance to notice there are how many people like you. Or if you claim a "rollback" you could recall the guy who you missed before. This is an app with a very high interaction rate. Although the cost of upgrading is relatively high, the free features are enough. Whether you like it, people you like, or people who like each other, you can see it. Thus greatly increasing the success rate of matching.


Bumble was created in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is a former co-founder of Tinder. It is considered to be the sister product of Tinder, and its interface design is indeed similar to Tinder, all in the style of Swipe-Card. Men and women perform sliding matching on the top, and the matched ones can have a dialogue. Compared to Tinder, Bumble seems like more female-friendly. In the world of Bumble, if the same-sex slides together, there will not be any power priority determination. However, when the opposite sex pairing is successful, only women can initiate the first greeting message, and men cannot initiate the message first. Plus, another exclusive setting is the 24h-reply rule. After a successful match, Females will have 24 hours to send the first message. If they don't say a word within 24 hours, the match is automatically canceled. Bumble sorts the matching people in the order of their countdown to create a sense of tension.


Hinge, which started in 2012, is probably the most serious dating app. It directly connects to your Ins or FB and is specifically aimed at people who are serious about finding people. The page of this product is a combination of text and text. The free version has only a limited number of likes every day. If someone likes it, they will receive a reminder. You can view the other party's information. After matching, you can only send texts. Although this application is innicially positioning as stranger social media like Facebook, actiually ad you download it, you might notice that it is a typical pattern application. There are lots of detailed information for your personal information in Hinge, you could not only edit the region, country but also your daily habits, like how often do you drink or consume alcohol. Differ Tinder, Hinge focus more on the personal habits and interests, which could help you to find the real match guy, building social relationship there.


The positioning of this social app is more like: passing by. The founder of happening is Didier Rappaport. As a French, he is very romantic about the design concept of this product, looking for the ta that will pass you by. Happn is able to find people who have been to the same place or the same route as you recently, provided that you can access your location. But, the majority of the users admit that they never meet the potential patterners in this application. Personally, it is more suitable for those who are afraid to meet with each other in the real world.


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