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11-30|by : GameLoop
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Riot Games announced that Diana will be rebuilt in patch 9.24 including her gameplay and visualization. In earlier seasons, Diana has fallen out of favor by players in the jungle and mid lane. However, Diana lost her certain identity in match with her kit becoming a little outdated during recent seasons with the AP bruiser-assassin hybrid. Aiming to bring Diana back to the popular battlefield, Riot decided to rework Diana's kit and making her a solid identity.

Lunar Rush (E)

Diana transforms into the living embodiment of the vengeful moon, dashing to an enemy and dealing 40 magic damage.

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Diana's former skill E "Moonfall" and former Ultimate "Lunar Dash" will be swapped. "Lunar Dash" will be placed on her basic ability, while the damage of the skill is weakened but also a lower mana cost. When Diana dashes the enemy with Moonlight, Lunar Dash's cooldown will be reset. In other words, the possibility of bursting the targets still exist.

Moonfall (R)

Reveals and draws in all nearby enemies and slows them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Moreover, her ultimate, Moonfall will not only draw visible enemies closer to Diana but also invisible champions. Besides, Moonfall will make invisible champions appear for two seconds. Once the ultimate draws several enemies, there will a beam of light crashes down from the sky while dealing damage to enemies around her.

In order to adapt the update of Moonfall and Lunar Dash, Diana's passive is also getting a rework. The attack speed will not be upgraded by Moonfall's rank but her passive. Each time she casts, her attack speed will triple for three seconds. Moreover, her split will also fuse into her passive ability, hence, every 3 automatic attacks will deal additional area damage without a mana value bonus.

In general, the update of Diana's kit endows her both play as and against abilities. Nevertheless, Diana will be able to dash earlier in the match even at level 2, which may open the precarious situation for their team.

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