PUBGM New event will be launched on August 4th,Ancient Secret Temple,Explore New Map, Boss Fights, Rewards and more

2020-08-03|by : GameLoop
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PUBG MOBILE's official Twitter released a message, saying that the "Ancient Secret" event will be added to the global server on August 4. Here is the information about this ALL-NEW EVENT.


Ancient Secret Event

A behemoth appeared on the birth island, the color of the sky suddenly changed into black, BOSS has appeared! Let's uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt in the world of PUBGM!

A pyramid icon appeared on the map. Is the curse of the pyramid or the secret left by the pharaoh? Trigger mysterious organs, occupy high-altitude safety zones, and annihilate the enemy in one fell swoop.

Game Mode

Close to the small pillar, the player will see a ruin. There will be a locked treasure chest in each ruin and solve the puzzles on the treasure chest. Players will get non-legendary loot from the chest, including weapons, ammunition and accessories. In addition, the player may be "cursed by the Pharaoh" and transformed into a mummy.

In one of the three temples, the player will see a larger ruin, similar to the ruins seen in the spawning hall. Please go to the temple as soon as possible, few minutes later, something will be shown.

After a few minutes of the game, the largest temple on the map will take off. It will rise to the sky, where another game will be played. It will move to each safe area, and a boss will be generated.

Remember, solve puzzles to get loot.

Boss Fights

In addition to the temple that will fly to the sky, you also need to fight with the big boss, use the loot you found in other temples to defeat the boss, once completed, the boss will drop better loot!

After the battle, you will return to the ground.

There should also be special rewards for completing the challenge, although we do not yet know what the challenge is.

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