All the things you should know before playing Hero wars

2020-03-18|by : GameLoop
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Hero wars is an fantasy adventure epic RPG game made by Nexters Global. There are a large number of different heroes in Hero Wars, but players often don't have enough resources to upgrade all heroes in a short time, so you will have to choose which characters to invest resources in.

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Evil soldiers occupy this land, and in hero wars, you are the ultimate hope of the kingdom. You will need to form a strong team of heroes to restore peace in the country. The game started with Galahad only, as he searched frantically for his beloved Aurora. Soon, you will find that Aurora is under enemy control! You need to recruit other heroes to save her. But protecting Aurora is just the beginning of the journey.

Log in

Remember to log in every day to get rewards. You will also see rewards for the next 30 days in the game interface. If you are VIP member, you will also get double rewards.

The mission is to get a lot of resources to upgrade the hero. All tasks are reset daily, so be aware of when you complete tasks.
The game also offers long-term missions that can bring you major rewards. Just click the scroll icon at the bottom of the screen to see them.

Recruit more heroes
There are many ways to recruit new heroes in the game. The first option is to simply complete the campaign mission. Another way is to get it from rewards. It is possible to obtain in various activities.
The easiest way to recruit heroes is to buy heroes. When you click on the treasure box on the home screen, you will be able to purchase a treasure chest for 200 emeralds. A better option is to keep the emeralds until you own 1500 so you can buy 10 boxes at a discounted price. The game also allows you to open two boxes every 12 hours. Don't forget, you can also buy specific Hero Soul stones by looking at the Friendship Store and Arena Store.

Form a strong team
Once you have a few heroes on your list, it's time to choose the best heroes that will join your team. Make sure you carefully consider the skills of each hero. Try to create a team that is well balanced in damage, healing, receiving damage. If you can find a hero with multiple skills, that's even better. For example, Astaroth's physical health and high armor make him ideal for front-line operations, but he also owns Flame Veil, which provides protection for every member of the team. This makes him both a tank and an exporter. Familiarity with different characters can make you have a better experience in the game.

The above is just a brief introduction to the game. The exciting world in the game is still waiting for you to explore. In addition to rich heroes, there are epic multiplayer PvP arena battles and fantasy action RPG battles. Meet, prove yourself through a large-scale union war! Leaderboards will prove your strength.

download button Download Hero Wars on PC For Free