오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG

오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG

الإصدار الحالي1.0.0
إشارات اللعبةRole Playing
موعد التحديث2020-04-28
شاشة عالية الدقة
مخطط المفاتيح الذكي
اندرويد 7.1
شاشة متعددة
محرك لعبة AOW مطور ذاتياً
مكافحة الغش

Play 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG on PC with GameLoop Emulator

오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG On Pc

오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG, coming from the UnlockGame, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG on PC with Gameloop smoothly.

Download it in the Gameloop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG on the large screen for free!

오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG Introduction

▶ 공식카페 :

Relax in a beautiful world full of Three kingdoms legend, exciting adventures and an abundance of rewards. Rediscover the fun of Three kingdoms!

The Three Kingdoms is a vertical mobile card adventure RPG, massive heroes is luxuriant and shining on stage. Card can be collected easily and form your own battle strong team.

Work and study will become the last thing on your mind as you enjoy playing AFK RPG. No complicated gestures or strategies needed. Let your army of Three kingdoms heroes fight and amass riches for you. All it takes is ten minutes a day!

[Game Introduction]

◆ Free operation, Various play ◆

Panoramic battlefield map, single finger slide screen, click to move, free operation of any heroes, and a various combination of interactive release. World Boss, 100 people cart, City Siege, Faction Battle, Stage Battle, Train Zone, Team Scenario, PVP and PVE map all have rich content waiting for you to explore.

◆ Super Gift, Easy level-up ◆

The average daily guaranteed income is up to 3000 ingots without even one single recharge!

-Smooth touch, various battle methods, high quality and gorgeous skill effects! Feel the fun of battle by using skills through your own controls!

-You can feel the fun of various combinations that stimulate the desire to collect characters through a total of 60 characters.

-You can experience various contents and fun elements through the coalescence of characters from the three countries other than the main character.

-Extreme change of battle through vehicles / engines! The end of splendor! It provides additional nurturing fun.

-Compete against each server through the server vs server contest. Not only the strong survive, but the strong survive! Join forces with each other!

-You can experience a higher level of sound with the participation of famous voice actors in 60 characters.


AFK mode, heores Arena.

■ One-handed system with one finger

A must-have game for a stressed modern man-auto-casting a heroic killer, a self-sustaining system that will grow stronger without access, and even a 10-minute investment every day can be the best hero in fantasy.

■ Level sharing system capable of various combinations

The best choice for those who want to nurture all characters! Through the level sharing system, you can cultivate all characters with less resources and try various combinations!

■ Simple but never easy strategic battle

A battlefield with a combination of 5 heroes, a simple but seemingly endless strategic play experience. Experience the best battles where you can experience exhilarating reversal with just a few touches, such as heroic ties, race traits, formations, and skill combinations.

No RPG is more comfortable than this!

-One-handed one-touch storm growth

Dominate your time with constant offline growth!

◆ Battle that will explode immediately ◆

In the world of Ginseng, where the flames of war were scattered, world-class militants are fighting. Fluent battle screens and colorful and beautiful special effects can surprise a person. Make the Three Kingdoms home ground with the lineup placement system and achieve the ultimate defeat!

◆ Hero recruitment and training ◆

In the game, you can recruit about 100 heroes from 4 countries of the Wichim-Ogun, and each hero has a dedicated skill, recruit, and pet, so you can experience various strategies and battle experiences depending on the hero.

How to play 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG with GameLoop on PC


Download GameLoop emulator from the official website


Run the exe file to install GameLoop


Open GameLoop and search for 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG in the upper search bar


Find 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG in the search results and click “Install”


After installation, click “Start” to begin the game


Enjoy playing 오라삼국-색다른 세로형 삼국지 One-hand AFK IDLE RPG for PC on GameLoop