[PUBG Mobile] Surprises of the New Season (Season 11) of PUBG Mobile

2020-02-01|by : GameLoop
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You might play the new season of PUBG Mobile for a while, do you enjoy it? Or have you notice the fantastic experience of the new season and unexpected rewards about the gameplay. All surprises and leaked rewards seem like the new milestone of PUBG Mobile, who want to provide more exciting gameplay for all audiences, improving their game experience, encouraging more players to enjoy the royale battle shooting. Here is an exclusive summary of the important and crucial information that you need to keep eye on for PUBG Mobile Season 11.

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No1: Exhilarating Domination Mode and Team DeathMatch Arena

This is a fantastic and traditional fist-person shooter mode for players, which we have introduced before. More detailed information you can visit the ‘Exclusive Information About PUBG Mobile 0.16.5: Domination Mode And Battle Royale Season 11’. While, which group are you in PUBG Mobile Season 11: Red or Blue?

No2: Irritative and Immersive New Map: Karakin

The scene of the new map is set in arid and open North African islands. The map area is very small, only 2x2 kilometers. Each round can accommodate up to 64 players. This will mean a match for everyone on this map. The gameplay of the map includes long-range gun battles in the mountains, civil wars, underground wars, etc. A detailed description of this new map, you can review the news Exclusive Information About PUBG Mobile New Season: Season 11’

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No3. Creative Gameplay and Setting

New Weapon: C4 Bomb

In order to create variables for players who stay in the same area for a long time, a C4 bomb has been added to the Karakin map. This bomb can stick to the wall and blast it. The gap in the building after blasting will provide more shooting angles for players who like squatting defense!

New Design: Bullets can penetrate walls

The most fragile walls will increase bullet penetration! (Such as a wall blasted with a C4 bomb). Players can experience the thrill of shooting next door.

New Mechanism: Black Zone

The mechanism of the black zone is similar to the bombing zone, but it is more terrifying than the bombing zone. Because the black zone will randomly damage the building, or even completely destroy everything inside the building! If you find yourself in a black zone, be sure to escape as quickly as possible.

New Vehicle: Motor Glider

The vehicle "Motor Glider", which was launched long ago in the test suit, is now available in Miramar and Allenge. The "Motor Glider" is a land, water and air vehicle. It can only be used by two people and will be refreshed throughout the map. It is worth noting that the newly refreshed power glider is fuel-free, so you need to refuel before using it.

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Upcoming information:

Although there are several features of Season 12 have not to leak, it is reported that the following celebrations and anniversary will include the revamped lobby and attractive discounts in the next month.

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