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12-05|by : GameLoop
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Epic Games ditched the previous weekly challenge setup while making a significant change to Fortnite Chapter 2 especially the way of players level up their Battle Pass. In previous seasons, players have to compete for Battle Stars or collect the prestige, while the only thing players should earn is normal XP in Chapter 2. In other words, the level up speed of Battle Pass will be faster and it is easier to obtain various rewards than before. Moreover, the same mission with added difficulty will not give extra benefits as usual, instead, unlocking the new mission will be the main mission setup.

Missions will be released on every single Thursday in Fortnite Battle Royale with several objectives. Besides, there will be eleven challenges/objectives in total to be released in this season, players will win a new Loading Screen when they completed eight of them. In the first 8 missions so far, each weekly challenge contains a clue in the Loading Screen, a hidden letter is able to be found somewhere around Fortnite map. However, in the latest ninth mission - Chaos Rising, there is no longer a hidden letter treasure mission, other novel new missions should be completed instead.

For the Chapter 2 Week 9 mission, Chaos Rising set of missions, the players have to complete the quests below in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Some of the missions might be a tad annoying, but we will provide you the tips of the mission Week 9.

1. Where to find Green Steel Bridge, the Yellow Steel Bridge, and the Red Steel Bridge?

Green one locates in the southeast of Frenzy Farm, Yellow in the west of Misty Meadows, and Red in north of Salty Springs.

2. How to find the hidden XP?

Recommend you to join in Solo or Team Rumble mode.

Head towards Steamy Wtacks and find the Kevin the Cube Memorial in the southern area.

XP sign pop up is located under the cube.

Claim the XP through building up the letter.

Chaos Rising will be live from Dec. 5 and remain 7 days. Make sure to complete the mission before Dec. 12.

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