PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary - New costumes and activities

2020-3-13|by :
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The two-year anniversary plus twelve seasons with the theme of 2gether We Play is officially presented to the players.

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PUBG has prepared a lot of rewards for players on the occasion of the second anniversary. As usual, the Royal Pass has added a lot of new content, but the most alluring fresh reward must be the two sets of costumes that have repeatedly appeared in promotional videos and official websites. -Phantom Catgirl set and the Hardened Veteran set. Cool costumes, exclusive to players who have reached the level of 100, have the opportunity to achieve, and become the most shining one among the crowd.

In addition to the skins exclusive to the Royal Passage, this update also brings a lot of skin updates, including Kar98K, PP-19 Bizon and Pan’s weapon skins, etc. It can be said that as long as the players reach to the certain levels, players will definitely get new rewards.

Supplementary information

Amusement Park Mode in Classic Erangel New game interface with built-in mini games

Ranked Arena Mode This Activites brings more challenges to players. Through the event, you can get ree crate coupons and silver fragments, and redeem unique products in the game. Anniversary Celebration Event During the anniversary celebration, all players on the server will work together to achieve the event goals and receive common rewards, and also get rewards through recent events.

Death replay Through death replay, players can clearly see the attacker's angle and how the opponent knocks himself down. This update combines the opinions of previous players and meets the wishes of many players.

Arctic Mode Which is based on the classic mode. Extreme cold weather will appear regularly on the snow map. Players need to keep their body temperature through diverse ways. When the body temperature is below normal, the health value will continue to decrease. Players need to go to lighters indoors to make a fire. Adding picked branches can increase heating time.

Royale Pass reward upgrades Players who have not purchased a pass in the past three seasons will receive additional rewards this season.

More updates, come and experience it in the game.

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