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06-19|by : Heavy
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An expansion to Empires & Puzzles is adding base updates and new buildings.

The stronghold’s max level will increase from 20 to 21, according to a press release sent to Heavy.

Upgrading the Stronghold to level 21 will unlock the new Advanced Buildings added to the game in the expansion, according to the Version 22 Release Notes & Status on the game’s support website. These buildings are the Advanced Mine, Advanced Farm, Advanced Iron Storage, Advanced Food Storage and the Advanced House. The Advanced Mine and Farm are more efficient than their regular versions and the Advanced Iron Storage and Food Storage stores more iron and food than their regular versions respectively. The Advanced House stores more recruits than the regular House and trains new recruits.

empires and puzzles new buildings

The update also added the Hunter’s Lodge. The Hunter’s Lodge will allow players to craft new Legendary Battle Items. These items are crafted with Titan Parts looted from Titans. If Alliances use Giant Harpoons in Titan Battles, then Titans will drop Titan Parts.

The new items added are the Giant Harpoon, the Titan Banner, the Titanium Shield, the Panacea, the Invisibility Potion, the Valkyrie’s Bane, the Hunter’s Caltrops, the Hurricane, the Scroll of Alteration and the Time Freeze.

The new Titan Parts are the Titan Heart, Skull, Spine, Tail, Egg, Eye, Plume, Beak, Fang and Shell.

New Missions will also be included.

Here are the other changes and fixes coming to the game from the Release Notes & Status:

  • Cooldown to use Mystic Vision reduced from 16 hours to 8 hours. The amount of rewards is adjusted so that the daily amount of items from Mystic Vision is the same as before.
  • Emblems added to Mystic Vision.
  • Added a notification that informs when a new Update is available.
  • Added a timer that shows when Atlantis Rises ends.
  • Added a time limit to Class Quest Battles. The battles will now end in defeat after 30 minutes.
  • Featured Alliance Message improvements.
  • The War Score is now included in the Alliance Score. There has been no change in how the War Score is calculated except that we divide it by six. The War Score now makes up roughly one third of the Alliance Score together with the Trophy Score and the Titan Score.
  • If a player joins an Alliance after the Titan has already spawned, the player will get reduced loot from that Titan.
  • Fixed a bug where Misandra’s additional attack hit allies if Misandra missed the enemy. Misandra is not giving mana to allies for missed hits anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where Hel and Proteus were not blocking Onatel from gaining mana.
  • Fixed a bug where Kageburado didn’t always deal higher damage on Titans when they had over 50% of health remaining.
  • The attack increment per hit in Khiona’s, Namahage’s, and Brienne’s attack buff does not change anymore when the hero’s special level increases. The attack per hit value is the current maximum value on all levels from now on. The base attack modifier of the buff will work as before: it will increase when the hero’s special level increases.
  • Items cannot be used on Heroes that are in Ghost form.
  • Fixed Athena’s defense debuff: the defense reduction was showing incorrect values in the character’s info panel.

The update was primarily developed by Software Developer Sofia Vanhanen, 20, at Small Giant Games. She joined the developer right after completing her degree in computer science (from the University of Helsinki in Finland according to her LinkedIn Account) and was an avid player of the game, according to the press release.

“It’s a dream come true to work on a game that you’re already so passionate about,” said Vanhanen. “I’m able to bring my perspective as a dedicated fan to implement new ideas that our players will love. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of the new base updates.”

Empires & Puzzles has been downloaded more than 34 million times and has reached the #1 grossing position in 57 countries on the Apple App Store and 24 countries on Google Play since its release in 2017, according to the press release. The game was also among the top 10 grossing games charts globally in a combined 124 countries on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Small Giant Games is a subsidiary of Zynga Inc., who acquired the Helsinki-based developer in January 2019 according to the press release.

“Since the Small Giant team joined the Zynga family last year, we’ve been blown away by their continued ingenuity in innovating within Empires & Puzzles, a cornerstone of our portfolio of forever franchises,” said Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga. “Comprised of passionate gamers, this expansion shows the team’s commitment to creating the most fun experiences for the Empires & Puzzles community.”

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