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10-22|by : GameLoop
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Halloween is in the air.

The Call of Duty Mobile Halloween has updated all new content with Halloween version since Oct 22. It gets COD fans in the spirit for the spooky season.

Make sure you log in to add Halloween themed rewards to your arsenal. You can get the rewards by purchasing in the shop, collecting as loot crate rewards, or purchasing with Pumpkin IDs, which you can get by simply playing the game. The new version of the Standoff map is set at night and features lights and Halloween jack o’ lanterns all over the place.

Beside the themes, Fans can also unlock the new ‘Sparrow’ operator skill in this version of update. Fans of CoD Black Ops 2 and 3 may feel familiar with the name, but if not, it’s a bow that shoots explosive arrows. Remember don’t stand too close, otherwise you’ll take splash damage!

In the Call of Duty Mobile Reddit page post, Activision gave fans an update about what to expect for the Halloween event.

It wrote: “we have plenty of fantastic content on the way for you all, like weapons, characters, skills, events, rewards, and more!

“There will be limited-time content releasing throughout the event period.

“Check out plenty of new treats to acquire, new skills to master in BR,

“Find it now in TDM, S&D, or Domination.”

Activision added: “We’ll have an Activision blog releasing on October 21st that will cover more of those tantalizing and terrifying details about that event!

“Keep an eye on that general Activision Games Blog area for that post.

“10/18 ~ Halloween event begins.

“10/18 ~ Sniper Only Mode + Sniper Only Challenge.

“10/21 ~ Sparrow Operator Skill Event.

Why not take a shot of the latest COD version? You can download COD for free on PC it right here

The last but not the least, COD: Modern Warfare official is going to hit shelves and digital marketplaces October 25, 2019. Stay tuned!

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