[Gameloop Uncertain Games] Call of Duty M4 Highlight Moment

09-30|by : GameLoop
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Join the Uncertain Games, Win a prize of up to $ 99.99
The Uncertain Games project aims to help our player community better.

Game Rule
We will randomly choose a game, a game mode and a in-game item in gameloop. Then, we give the rules and award the winner.
In round 1, our subject is M4 killing match for CALL OF DUTY Mobile frontline mode. Get an M4 to kill as more as possible enemies in 1 life. Win the rewards! (only M4 kills will be counted)
(The final ranking will be ranked by Gameloop official staff and the quality of the video may affect the ranking)

Submission Rule
1. Record your game with gameloop (you can edit it if you want).
2. Submit your video to youtube with the title "Gameloop+ CALL OF DUTY mobile M4 Killing Match+ (how many kills)+(whatever you want to add)
3. Add the gameloop download page on your description:
4. Comment your video link on this video as the format:
kills: (11)
Player ID: (123456789)
Player name: (same as video player)
video link: (youtube)

Event rewards
1. The winner will be listed on the client banner&official website
2. your youtube channel will be listed under the next round video description
3. Up to $99.99 rewards
(CODM Point, UC, gun, suit etc.)
4. Winner's clip will shows on next round video

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