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11-25|by : GameLoop
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Are you a MOBA fan? Do you wish that there was a good MOBA on mobile so you can dominate lanes, jungle ganks and Penta kill on the go? If that is your jam then Heroes Evolved may very well be for you.

Heroes Evolved works as you would expect a MOBA to work. The true genius behind the mobile version of this game (as there is also a PC version available on Steam) is that they managed to make the controls so user-friendly. Now, having tried the game on both an iPhone and an iPad I can say quite clearly that playing on a bigger screen was a better experience. However, playing on a phone is far easier than you would expect. The icons for your abilities and basic attack large enough for you to press and identify which is which (but small enough that you can still see the screen). Combined with the on-screen analog stick, the controls are easy to use and perfectly designed for play on mobile.

The characters in Heroes Evolved are fun to play, if a bit familiar. If you’ve played a MOBA before you probably know how to use the abilities of most of the characters as they seem to be very similar to other characters of the genre. A perfect example of this is playing the character Nosferatu. Nosferatu is an aristocratic vampire who uses blood magic to drain health from his foes and cause damage over time effects. Sound familiar? The vampire lord of Heroes Evolved is very similar to the League of Legends character Vladimir. Though they only share one power, the aesthetic and gameplay for the characters are very similar and some of Vladimir’s other abilities are spread amongst other characters in Heroes Evolved.

Unsure as to whether or not having similar characters throughout the MOBAs as a genre is a good thing or not, we’ll move on to the competitive scene. Like most MOBAs, Heroes Evolved has a dedicated competitive player scene. Unlike other MOBAs however, you do not play “placement matches” to put you in your skill catchment. In Heroes Evolved, you play through each skill catchment one by one. Winning five matches will allow you to play a match for promotion, however losing at higher ranks will lower your skill catchment too, so you can be demoted as much as you can be promoted.

All in all, the game is definitely the best mobile MOBA I have played thus far. With easy to use controls, characters typical of the MOBA genre and an increasingly popular competitive scene Heroes Evolved definitely deserves a high rate! However, in addition to their wondrous triumph in creating a usable and stable mobile MOBA their website describes their game as “balanced without P2W”. The only items that are purchasable with real money are cosmetic items and characters. The great thing about that? These things are also available with in-game currency which you can earn a lot of by just playing casually!

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