[Tales of Demons and Gods] Core Content of The Tales of Demons and Gods

10-08|by : Gameloop
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An anecdote of original Tales of Demons and Gods novel. Experience the story when Nie Li is facing Abyss Deity, Du Ze and Xiao Yu are studying skills of “thunder and lightning”.

The anecdote of Tales of Demons and Gods is reappearing. Meet up with Thunder Deity, witness efforts of Nie Li and friends all along, and pacify the abnormal in Blackfire Tower.

Demon Spirit Masters Power Up

Level up and break through, realize perfection to raise Demon Spirit Masters capacity.

Exquisite Character Skins

New Year greetings! New Year, new atmosphere. During Spring Festival, main city scene and login page will be in special Spring Festival theme. There is also a series of limited-time New Year skins, characters can wear new outfits to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Story Card Power Up

Power up the story card and collocate with appropriate skills and array can turn the tide of the battle.

Sacred Heaven

It consists of four stages. Requisite items for cultivation can be obtained from here. The higher the level is, the higher class reward can be obtained.


Gamers pass the stage and test their capacity. Every time an enemy is defeat, abundant reward can be obtained.

Soul Ocean

The main approach to obtain Souls. It opens the whole day, different Souls can be obtained every day.

Domain Masters Assault

Invite friends to beat boss with you and enjoy the fun of cooperation and get big reward.


The place to gather demon spirit masters. Gamers can establish factions to challenge definite bosses and finish special missions.


Expedition is a limited-time gameplay consisting of 12 stages. Win all battle can obtain SSR character card.

Demons Fight

Pass special stages and various battles to test gamers capacity of collocation and strategy.

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