What kind of activation code worth $500?

2020-05-14|by : Gameloop
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1.7 million simultaneous online viewers and 34 million single-day viewing hours set a new record for the Twitch platform over the past 10 years. This is the first day of Riot's FPS new game "Valorant". On the US eBay, the activation code has soared to the $ 500.

Moreover, nowadays, when you open the well-known game live streaming platform Twitch, you will find that the home page of the platform is occupied by a game called Valorant. Whether it is from the United States, Turkey or Russia, anchors around the world are playing this game, and this is only the beta phase of this game.

On October 16, 2019, Riot Games used the node of the company's 10th anniversary to announce the prototype video of the latest shooting game for the first time on the official YouTube channel, and called it (Project A).This "Project A" was named Valorant by the Riot game, and it has started internal testing in April this year, and plans to officially face the public this summer.

Riot Games may not have anticipated the explosion of Valorant.

As a newly game which is just launched, from the perspective of game design, Valorant almost integrates all the elements of mainstream shooting games, currently on the market, which also makes this game attract the attention of players from all walks of life.

In terms of the game mode, Valorant resolutely gave up the battle royale mode that has exploded in recent years but has gradually become "aesthetic fatigue" and returned to the original first-person shooting game. In addition, players can also see the shadows of many other games: its shooting feel is very similar to CS: GO, and it introduces the traditional economic system of the CS series; in addition to the traditional gun battle scenes, Valorant's game characters They also have different auxiliary skills, which is reminiscent of Blizzard's Overwatch.

When "Valorant" was first announced, it saw some backward quality, and some people were speculating that this game might just be a fictional test. However, according to foreign media reports such as PC Gamer, Riot has spent 6 years on the development of this project. This is likely to be the first big game of the Riot after becoming "League of Legends", it is obviously unlikely to be just a trial project.

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