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12-13|by : GameLoop
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Minecraft is known as one of the most popular Mojang games with more than 180 million copies are sold since its first release in 2011. It has more than 112 million monthly active players. This game is always looking for more interesting feature to add.

In this summer, Minecraft cooperated with other organizations to add challenging code and created AI agents that could potentially covet gems. However, this is much harder than they expected. Usually, it only takes a few minutes for a new Minecraft player to find out how to dig up the diamond. The diamond is one of the most crucial resources in the game because it can be used to create strong weapons. In the AI test, more than 660 entries were submitted, but none of them finished the finding diamond task.

Katja Hofmann, a major researcher in the Microsoft Research Team, said "The task we posed is very hard…Finding a diamond in Minecraft takes many steps …While no submitted agent has fully solved the task, they have made a lot of progress and learned to make many of the tools needed along the way."

For better learning of AI, the researchers record a dataset including 60 million human player data. This data is so-called “imitation learning”, which involves have the AI to adopt the best way to mimic humans or other software do to solve a problem.

Minecraft has won a lot of awards such as Best Dut, Best Downloadable Game and Innovation Award and so on. People in the team are always try something new add to the game. In the newly released version, you can throw down a buildplate and create an interactive Minecraft diorama. Go to craft and smelt your resources and make masterpieces all together with your friends. Remember to pay attention to the bus, otherwise you will miss it.

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