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12-03|by : GameLoop
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After the launch of Senna, Riot Games revealed another new champion named Aphelios, The Weapon of the Faithful, at the end of November. Aphelios will debut as the 147th of LOL champion and might be the most complex character ever according to Riot's words. The official trailer from the company demonstrated that Aphelios is a marksman from Targon wearing his five different weapons including a deadly boomerang, a flamethrower, a cannon, something called a Scythe Pistol, and a long-range rifle with different functions and special effects.

Each weapon has its own unique feature and abilities changing the character's attack type. Both short and long-range weapons will be found, making the skill ceiling of Aphelios is infinitely high. What's more, the five weapons will be recycled throughout the game with a limited amount of ammo. However, the weapon will be swapped to the next only if the equipped 50 ammo runs out. That means the player is unable to actively switch his weapon anytime. As the offhand item is not related to the weapon, the champion access to 27 different abilities and an insane amount of options.

Unlike everyone else, Aphelios only carries 3 skill buttons - his main hand (Q), offhand(R) that can be swapped by W anytime. Another specialty is that Aphelios cannot level up his abilities, instead, upgrade stat attributes: attack damage, attack speed and bonus armor penetration. His ultimate, Moonlight Vigil and passive skill will vary depending on the different equipped weapons. At the beginning of his ultimate has the same damage to enemies that "Moon Bomb" will explode once it hits the first enemy causing an area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies. After the Detonation, the basic attack will be enhanced depending on his main-hand weapon.

Aphelios will be playable officially on December 10, click here to know a ton of info about Aphelios five weapon’s detailed skills.

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