Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart

Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart

Versi Saat Ini4.4.1
Tag GameMultiplayer
Waktu Pembaruan2021-10-14
Main di PC
Kualitas HD
Posisi Kunci Pintar
Android 7.1
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Play Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart on PC with GameLoop Emulator

Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart On Pc

Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart, coming from the Alfagift, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart on PC with Gameloop smoothly.

Download it in the Gameloop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart on the large screen for free!

Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart Introduction

Welcome to Alfagift, Alfamart's online shopping application. its features make it easy to shop for your needs. Alfagift now offers FAST shipping, FREE SHIPPING and HUGE DISCOUNTS. Wherever you are and want super easy shopping, don't worry. Alfagift is connected to more than 15,000 Alfamart stores spread throughout Indonesia. So make shopping at your favorite store closer now.

Incridible September "SIKAT" Promo 2021

Don't miss "SIKAT" Promo in the Alfagift app. This month's promo has rice special price starting at IDR 55,900, Beauty Fair discounts up to 50%, and there is an exclusive one in mid-September.


A. Same Day Delivery & COD

Delivery service from the nearest point at the Alfamart same day delivery (orders up to 21.00 will be delivered on the same day) with the latest payment option service, namely COD (Cash On Delivery).

During the PPKM period, the same day-to-day adjustment applies for orders entering a maximum of 19:00. Orders after 19:00 will be sent H+1.

B. Member Benefits

1.A-Points: Shopping points that can be used as a cashback or exchanged for discounted price vouchers/redeem free products and can be used to pay for your purchases.

2.A-Voucher: Direct shopping voucher offer without point redemption.

3. Alfastamp: Digital stamps obtained from product purchases at Alfagift and can be exchanged for attractive gifts/offers at the nearest Alfamart store.

4. Alfastar: Loyalty program for members that can be obtained through purchasing products with a certain amount or nominal to be exchanged for prizes directly or raffle coupons in the Alfagift application.

5. Check & Exchange Point: A feature that helps Friends to check the points they have and point exchange activities can be done independently in the application.

C. Integrated Membership

An integrated system with offline activities (direct purchases at outlets). Friends only need the member number / mobile number recorded on the Alfagift account or scan the member barcode in the application when making payments at the cashier. Automatically, spending points will be integrated directly into the application.

D. Shop Search

The recommendation feature for the nearest Alfamart store according to the location of your friend with a maximum radius of 2 km sorted according to the closest radius.

E. Official Store

Various official accounts from well-known brands that you can follow to make it easier for your favorite items and get the latest information about ongoing programs through push notifications in the Alfagift application.

F. Alfagift Special Products & Promos

In addition to shopping for groceries online, buying credit, and other Alfamart products, you can also buy special products that are not available at Alfamart stores, such as premium milk, baby diapers of certain types/brands, fresh food, and health products sent directly from the store. Alfamart warehouse.

G. Alfamart Promo Catalog

A collection of ongoing promotional catalogs at Alfamart stores and can help you find the products you need at affordable prices.

H. Complete & Easy Payment Method

You can choose various payment methods to make payments. Currently, you can use digital wallets (GoPay & ShopeePay), bank transfers (virtual accounts), and cash (COD).

I. Gamification

Interesting games to get various prizes for Alfagift members in the form of points and direct prizes for users with the highest scores.

J. Recommended Machine

A personalized search system according to the items that Friends usually search for and buy for their next purchases. In addition, you can also recommend the quantity that friends usually buy.

Download the Alfagift application right now and get a variety of online shopping experiences and experiences that are economical and fun. Shopping for groceries and other products is easier with Alfagift. Also visit Alfagift's social media accounts on Twitter (@alfagift_idn), Facebook (Alfagift), Instagram (@alfagift_idn).

How to play Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart with GameLoop on PC


Download GameLoop emulator from the official website


Run the exe file to install GameLoop


Open GameLoop and search for Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart in the upper search bar


Find Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart in the search results and click “Install”


After installation, click “Start” to begin the game


Enjoy playing Alfagift - Groceries Online Shopping of Alfamart for PC on GameLoop