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Quick Family Tree

Quick Family Tree for PC

3.6Version: 1.7.4

Digital Gene


Unduh Quick Family Tree di PC Dengan Emulator GameLoop

Quick Family Tree, berasal dari pengembang Digital Gene, berjalan di sistem Android di masa lalu.

Sekarang, Anda dapat memainkan Quick Family Tree di PC dengan GameLoop dengan lancar.

Unduh di perpustakaan GameLoop atau hasil pencarian. Tidak ada lagi memperhatikan baterai atau panggilan frustasi pada waktu yang salah lagi.

Nikmati saja Quick Family Tree PC di layar besar secara gratis!

Quick Family Tree Pengantar

This is a new app of the smartphone generation to create a family tree.

It features interactive display using digital devices.

[ Make Family Trees Without Having to Create an Account ]

This is an app that allows you to make family trees without having to create an account. There are no paid services within the app either.

[ Form Relationships Easily ]

You can easily add parents, children, and spouses just by tapping. Family trees can be created intuitively. The display order of siblings can also be easily changed through drag and drop.

[ Streamline Complex Family Trees ]

The display changes automatically so that the person selected appears in the center. You can make complex family trees look simple and easy to understand.

[ Make Multiple Family Trees ]

As you can create multiple sets of data, you can make historical family trees, in addition to your own, and do various things.

[ FAQ ]

[Q]Is there a PC(Windows/Mac) version?

[A]There is no PC version.iOS and Android smartphone apps only.

[Q]Is it possible to merge multiple family trees later?

[A]There is no function to combine multiple family trees yet.

[Q]Can I transfer data to another smartphone? Is data backup possible?

[A]There is an import / export function. See the help page for details.

We confirmed the operation on Google Drive, email, and Dropbox.

We have received reports that we cannot send and receive on Facebook, WhatsApp, and LINE.

[Q]I want to display maternal and paternal ancestors at the same time.

[A]If the maternal ancestors and paternal ancestors are displayed at the same time, it is difficult to display them while maintaining the order of the siblings.

[Q]Can you print?

[A]You cannot print directly from the app.Images can be output using the capture function. Please print the created image with another application.

[Q]Is PDF format file output possible?

[A]PDF output is not yet.

[Q]Is it compatible with GEDCOM format files?

[A]GEDCOM format files are not supported.

[Q]Can I use it offline?

[A]Since the data is stored on the smartphone (tablet) side, it can be used even in an offline environment.

[Q]Is it possible to set up same-sex couples?

[A]The initial state is opposite sex, but it is possible to change to the same sex after registration.

[Q]I want to add a child without showing spouse.

[A]At present, children can only connect between couples. Please add a temporary spouse.

[Q]Is there a paid ad-free version?

[A]I have not yet considered paid apps. Free version only.

[Q]Can I publish images created on the app on the Web?

[A]Please use it freely.

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Cara memainkan Quick Family Tree dengan GameLoop di PC

1. Download GameLoop dari situs resminya, lalu jalankan file exe untuk menginstal GameLoop.

2. Buka GameLoop dan cari “Quick Family Tree”, temukan Quick Family Tree di hasil pencarian dan klik “Install”.

3. Nikmati bermain Quick Family Tree di GameLoop.

Quick Family Tree


Minimum requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Recommended requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

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