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Calculator Lock - App Hider PC

Current Version2.0.3
Game CategoryTools
Last Updated2022-02-14
DeveloperWorkerBee App
Game Tags
Extreme HD
Smart Keymapping
Android Compatible
AOW Engine

Download Calculator Lock - App Hider on PC with the GameLoop Emulator

Calculator Lock - App Hider on PC

Calculator Lock - App Hider, coming from the developer WorkerBee App, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play Calculator Lock - App Hider on PC with GameLoop smoothly.

Download it in the GameLoop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy Calculator Lock - App Hider PC on the large screen for free!

Calculator Lock - App Hider Introduction

? This Calculator free app is a vault tool that can lock apps, photos, and videos invisibly. Your files will be securely stored in a vault, and only you will be able to see secret folders or private files in the free Calculator app. When you download calculator lock to encrypt all personal data, you remove the chance of leaking private photos, videos, or other information.

⛔️ Do you want to keep a meme image from a buddy but are worried that others may remove it?

⛔️ Do you enjoy recording your voice but are worried that someone may hear it?

? The calculator lock will help you to be private pictures, videos, and other files; This is the best app hider for you. Download now!

? Free calculator app has main features:

✔️ Directly record video in-app

✔️ Powerful secure privacy to lock your photos, videos, files

✔️ Lock photos & video, hide any other types of files behind the calculator

✔️ Write the daily diary or take note your information in a note

✔️ Enjoy a secret photo gallery that only you have access to

✔️ Easily access by entering your Password

✔️ Change password or security question rapidly

✔️ Allow you to change multiple themes

✔️ Recycle bin to get back all files you deleted

✔️ Search all websites privately without caches

✔️ App hider allows you to lock any app on your phone

✔️ Simple to move or delete an image, video, audio, other files

✔️ Enable you to choose your favorite data and create a group

✔️ Create your favorite folder

? With this secret calculator, you never have to worry about forgetting a password because you can change the password easily or answer security questions. You will keep your secret on your phone, keep your private videos, and prevent prying eyes and curious friends. It is the appropriate location for you to keep your private stories. Furthermore, you can change the various themes to create your favorite wallpaper.

? Install the privacy lock and gallery vault now so that no one else may see hidden folders or private files except you. You can make your own picture gallery and media gallery, maintain the privacy of hidden folders or libraries of images and videos, lock apps with app hider feature and remove photos from the system gallery, and others can only view a standard calculator loaded on your phone. When you want to view your data, to make it easier to find your data, the calculator lock allows you to create a group that contains your favorite data or significant files.

? Notes are another useful feature. You can use them to keep track of significant information, such as a secret, a daily journal, passwords, or any other important information you would like to keep private. Let this calculator lock protect your secret now!

☹️ What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

? If you forget your password, obviously put the number '11223344' into Calculator and click the '=' button, then enter the answer to your security question to recover it.

? Download Calculator free app for Android right now to give it a spin for free. For the best experience, download app hider right now!

☎️ If you have any queries concerning Calculator lock, please contact our support staff at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. If you appreciate this app, please leave a nice comment ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

✅ Thank you for downloading Calculator Lock - App hider app!

How to play Calculator Lock - App Hider with GameLoop on PC

1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

2. Open GameLoop and search for “Calculator Lock - App Hider” , find Calculator Lock - App Hider in the search results and click “Install”

3. Enjoy playing Calculator Lock - App Hider on GameLoop


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Minimum requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

Recommended requirements


Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


GTX 1050






1GB available space

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