TikTok PC

Current Version22.7.4
Game TagsApplication
Update Time2022-01-04
DeveloperTikTok Pte. Ltd.
Extreme HD
Smart Keymap
Android Compatible
AOW Engine

Download TikTok on PC With GameLoop Emulator


As a newcomer to social networks, TikTok has amassed over one billion downloads on mobile devices in a short amount of time. After this social network's popularity soared, many people worldwide expressed a desire to connect with their friends and view the new musical and video compositions made by like-minded people on their Windows desktop and laptop PCs. You're now in a position to do this.

User-made music videos and lip-sync videos with a duration of 3-15 seconds and looping videos with a period of 60 seconds or less form the foundation of the TikTok social network.

The TikTok for PC app consists of simplified video editing capabilities that make it easy and fast to create entertaining material. There is a lot of music available through the app, so users can quickly create their own lip-sync videos and original short music videos.

Using the webcam on a PC to make new, entertaining films isn't the focus of the Windows software. Even though all of the necessary tools are present, their performance and usability on a PC platform are subpar. As a result, TikTok for PC is best suited as a desktop companion to your smartphone's mobile apps.

Is it possible to download it?

Yes. It's a suitable program for you if you want the TikTok for PC.


Videos of excellent quality.

The content loads quickly.

Outstanding safety features.


To use TikTok for PC, you must first download an emulator.

When creating videos, there are performance challenges to contend with.

It is not appropriate for the child audience.

TikTok for PC installing and use

TikTok is not a native app designed to use all modern PCs' services, features, and hardware. Instead, TikTok for PC is an Emulator.

To install TikTok for PC on Windows 10, install the GameLoop Android emulator, then install TikTok for PC into GameLoop and run the app.

GameLoop is a good emulator that lets PC users enjoy the Android app's tablet-like interface. All the app's features and services are available here; however, the lack of emulation performance is sometimes noticeable. The program can become sluggish and laggy while exploring and loading new web data. The actual video viewing works well, allowing you to keep up with new stuff from your friends and individuals all over the world.

Features and Specifications

You can use a laptop or a personal computer to access the extensive TikTok social network.

Quick and easy access to tools for video creation, editing, and sharing

Make use of a well-known touch-optimized mobile user interface.

GameLoop Android app emulator may be used on Windows 10 and Mac computers.

It's completely cost-free!

How to play TikTok with GameLoop on PC

Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

1. Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop

Open GameLoop and search for “TikTok” , find TikTok in the search results and click “Install”

2. Open GameLoop and search for “TikTok” , find TikTok in the search results and click “Install”

Enjoy playing TikTok on GameLoop

3. Enjoy playing TikTok on GameLoop

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