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11-18|by : GameLoop
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With a large achievement and multiple downloads of the previous version - Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the team-developer of CODM has not stopped their innovation and introduce an increasing number of emotes in the COD Mobile.

What are emotes in Call of Duty mobile?

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GameLoop - Call of Duty Mobile Emotes

Along with the new version, the Call of Duty Mobile Emotes catches the public attention. Till now, the announced emotes in the worldwide version are:

• Salute

• Recognize Me

• Mad Respect

• Cut-throat

• Fist Pump

• Yeah Buddy

• Muscle Show

• Two Thumbs Up

• Sweep This

• Clucked Up

• Poplock

• Selfie

• Gunslinger

Generally, players are curiosity with the characteristic of emote, or the outlooking/appearance of emote, or the numbers of emote, or the name of emote, or how to use these emote. It is noticed that some emotes could be seen in the other games, which you want to use during playing CODM on PC and emulator.

How to use emote?

All emotes could be easily selected by opening the loadout, choosing you are desired to emote in the Customization option. Interestingly, you could find these emotes via tip a “thumbs-up icon”. Here, you can find a list of emotes and sprays, which you can use them in the game. Also, here is a chance to preview the emote, clicking and open the radial menu.

Although it is fanny to using emote when you are shooting at someone, which might reflect your feelings and emotions at those moments, it is recommended that you’d better use them as less as possible. Namely, the more emote your use. The more likely you will be exposed when you have already hidden well.

Anyway, even though we have no idea about when the zombies will come and how many emotes it will be finally, what could be recognized and confirmed is that fans are excited with the Zombies Version of Call of Duty Mobile and the teaser really lead a positive result for the new version launching.

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