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11-21|by : GameLoop
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Blizzard Entertainment has launched the [Warcraft III reforged beta days ago. It makes a big process on the graphic of the reforged version.

Let’s have a look at the new UI and new humans’appearance.

The UI board has changed from the right side to the left side in the [Warcraft III reforged], and it gives a chat room on the right bottom side. the room function is similar to Starcraft II. It helps you to find players or talk anything you want.

In the battle page, player can pick the race from 4 races or random races (no new race now!), and choose game mode [1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and Chaos].

There is a map button near the “search match” button you can set your map preference here, it provided very classic maps such as “TR, TM, LT, etc.”

We can easily find the developers spend a lot of time and effort on the heroes. Every sharp, every detail is totally different in the Warcraft III reforged. The weapons, the armors and even the character personality all become better in the Warcraft III reforged heroes.

(Paladin, Mountain King, Blood Mage, Archmage, Water Elemental and Alter of Kings)

The “Peasant” looks taller and the “Militia” looks armed well in the Warcraft II reforged.

The “Townhall, Keep and Castle (from left to right)” has added more details.

Other troops and buildings have graphically changes in the Warcraft III reforged. You can check the pictures below (the medium graphic setting).

Next time we will offer the Orcs units (with better graphic settings), please keep your eyes on gameloop news page to check the changes with Orcs in Warcraft III reforged.

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