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10-14|by : GameLoop
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Tales of Demons and Gods, released for the first time in August by the Blue Whale Time game company, is an RPG game. Its content based on a famous cartoon called “Tales of Demons and Gods”.

Tale of demons and Gods is a mobile game based on a famous cartoon from China, is about the spirits and demon world. The soul merges with the monster and becomes a dreadful demon. There is also a mighty power. Due to the demon spirit book, the timeline has changed, everything has to go back to the starting point. One more time, it is an opportunity to change destiny.

When we are playing games, we will also enjoy cartoons which make us feel that the game is more enjoyable, and all of the content has been translated into Thai.

This game is a turn-based RPG type, which is the type that major players in Thailand like to play. The game operation is relatively free, because each character has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, mixing and finding perfect spot for the team to take on the Story Mode adventure and fight against other players in PVP mode to rank the ranking.

If a player has a good record on the server, his name will be ranked, so the whole world will see his name. Besides, rank is a part of content, which gives players a motive to challenge themselves in order to level up and enhance their abilities.

Next, let’s talk about the graphic of the game. In this game, the developers present a character in 1:1 style, for example they are not in to SD or Chibi, and its size is not the same as that of human beings. The background and environment will change according to the content of the game. The overall game looks beautiful. And importantly, any mobile phone can play.

As this game is RPG type, there will be a range of various characters, which also makes the game more enjoyable. Player can choose the favorite characters to build their own team style. The total characters can be found in Gacha system.

Don’t worry if you’re free gamer who doesn’t like top-up play, Sino Interactive Digital also has a number of gift packs give away activities, including not merely the spiritual crystal but also tickets for random heroes, and so on.

They also sell a variety of hero skins, which can make your favorite characters look cool, beautiful and more handsome. Currently, there are only a few, but in the future, I guarantee that there will be many to buy.

So now, which gamer is looking for a fun, good graphics, and lots of give away, Tales of Demons and Gods is the game what you have been looking for! Tales of Demons and Gods is now officially available in Thailand on both Android and iOS. And you can follow the Tales of Demons and Gods website and fanpage for more information.

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