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12-27|by : GameLoop
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The King of Avalon is a story called King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the legends of the early Middle Ages. In the game, you can play against players from all over the world, and you can also prepare for battle with your allies. There are rich worldview and strong story background. Here are exclusive and advanced guides for you to achieve a higher level and grow up quickly in the game.

Understand what you need to do

As a typical strategy game, “King of Avalon” requires plays to develop their own strategies to building their kingdom, achieving the victory eventually,

Since you might be the freshman of this game, you need to notice the missions, rewards, strength, and alliance of this game:

  • Mission: it is simple and easy to achieve, once you finish these missions, you could achieve the basic and necessary resources and treasures for building your kingdoms.
  • Rewards: Rewards are not only from your mission but also from your daily connection with other violence players
  • Alliance: Taking about the alliance in “King of Avalon”, it is important to know that you could achieve the bonuses once you establish the alliance. Plus, you have better keep active in the alliance so that you could not be kicked out.

Keep eyes on the valuable resource

You may notice that you need a huge amount of food, wood, iron, silver and so on, which is highly related to level up your building and boost your troop's training. Importantly.. it is necessary to collect as much as you can, since you could not upgrade your building, deploying your troops with inadequate grain support.

Try your best to level up:

There are several approaches for you to improve the speed of leveling up:

  • Defeat monsters and barbarians: Defeating monsters of each level for the first time can get a good bonus, but it is more dwarfed than the barbarian. Of course, it is also related to its own damage output, so it is not a mission, but it is better to brush the barbarian with allies.
  • Plunder. This method needs to be cautious, and it is best to investigate its resources and troop numbers first, plus, consider its resource troop. If it is not the strength of the troop, it will basically lose itself. In addition, it is necessary to consider the emergency recall of this talent skill.
  • The role of random transmission. Many people use random teleportation to provoke difficult enemies and teleport to take refuge, but sometimes we teleport to a location with a low resource level. When each zone is opened, someone will play for a while, a 6 Level 7 fortresses have hundreds of thousands of grains for the task, and then we can start with them.

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