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11-14|by : GameLoop
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After a serious of zombie mode beta test, “Call of Duty Mobile” announced a Twitter to promote their new Zombie Mode, with the slogan named “The Undead Are Coming”.Which obviously rise the attention of players

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The teaser shows the results of the zombie mode bata version, accordingly, the background of this cod mobile beta test appeared in the marshy map, around by massive barns. Interestingly, the zombie mode takes place in the night and day, which means that you will not only be “scared” by zombies in the midnight, but also in the morning under the sunshine.

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It is noticed that the call of duty zombie mode reflects the upgrade of the game-developing team. The principal of Call of Duty Mobile admits that: "As we get further into November, we eagerly wait to share more information with you all about upcoming events, whether it is modes, challenges, new gear or skins, gameplay changes, or additions." That is to say, they are about to alter several settings of this zombie mode beta test, and we could expect more of CODM in the next month.

As you can see from the promo, it is a looking forward to awaiting, From the game mapping and character designing, the game developers really spend a lot of drafting and upgrading gaming operation. Anyway, with massive player's support, CODM has won the favor of the majority of players since it launched and has achieved success in user download, revenue, and word of mouth.

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According to App Annie’s statistics, the download of "Call of Duty Mobile" in the App Store in the App Store topped 138 countries and regions application download list, entering the iOS application income list in 90 countries and regions. Besides, according to GooglePlay, it has become the most popular mobile game in 82 countries and regions.

With such an amazing achievement, Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) continues to explore more fancy experiences and modes in order to refresh the experience of players.

Let’s expect the call of duty zombie mode coming, and play CODM in GameLoop

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