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11-11|by : Mi Community
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Recently, the Android phone supplier Xiaomi has announced the list of the popular and best app for users in its Mi Community.

fortunately, Call of Duty Mobile won the 4th ranking of the list, becoming an instant hit with over 100 million downloads in it's first of its release. Besides, Activision's latest Call of Duty: Mobile has been rated as the most popular mobile game as per the recent report by

Here is the game review of this popular RPG in the Mi Community.

Rich contents and high-quality graphics are two main important aspects of call of duty: mobile. After the initial introduction pages, the game will gather the required updates. Then you would be needing to log in. You can either play as a guest or you can log in with your Facebook account. But it's preferable to use Facebook accounts to keep your ranking saved. Once you are done with the tutorial. you would be taken to the homepage from where you will choose your required game modes.

Contents and Game Mode:

Call of Duty has various multiplayer modes. that's one of the most interesting facts of the game. Also, there is a very detailed training process that makes you familiar with the game and its different options. Talking about the game modes, you have various choices to play with - Battle Royale, Free-For-All, Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Domination. If you are more into regular kill counts, you gotta play Frontline and Team Deathmatch. But if you feel comfortable with as a team player mode, go for Domination. That's where your efforts and coordination skills are tested. Search & Destroy is a tactical mode. It consists of a counter-strike match where one team defends bomb sites while the other destroys it.

There are also modes which are available for a limited period like Hardpoint, Standoff Halloween etc. But undoubtedly the best one is the Battle Royale Mode which unlocks at the profile level 7. Also, the action in COD is super fast-paced which indeed gives you an adrenaline rush while playing. COD offers you with the various weapon to battle with your enemies. Apart from the guns, you will have drones, flamethrowers, missiles etc. The map here might be smaller but the contests are extremely diversified which includes helicopter rides, zombies, different locations, giant bloodhound and most importantly exciting and engaging stories.

As discussed earlier multiplayer mode of COD is famous too. But it has some shortcomings. Here, players with more level and more gaming time have access to better weapons. Though with each level your character levels up a bit still this makes the game increasingly difficult for the newcomers. However, Battle Royale mode waves it off. Here everyone starts at the same level. There are also different custom classes of characters which acquire one special skill. On a whole, in terms of contents and specifically the battle royale mode COD comes out to be more engaging and dynamic fr me than PUBG.

Controls and Game Play

The main thing about the gameplay is- it is fast-paced and intense which in turn makes every match nail-biting. COD offers smooth gameplay and supports very High FPS that fluctuates rarely. The gameplay along with your strategies will differ with each model. There are two basic differences between COD and PUBG when it comes to gameplay.

Before entering into any game in COD you can create your class where you can arrange the loadout as per your wish. The last I Played PUBG, it did not have such options.

Also unlike PUBG, in COD you can't see enemy's footmarks on the map until he is super close. But that unpredictability makes the game more exciting and competitive.

For controls and button layout, CODM is simple and satisfying, which are more or less similar other FPS games. The left thumbstick controls the movement, the right controls the direction.

This is really a long and complete review of the CODM, let's play this fatistic game in the GameLoop now!!

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