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09-24|by : Gameloop
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Call of Duty: Mobile Redefines Battle Royale Mode

For a long time, Call of Duty is a PC dominator-leader and is loved by a huge majority. In May, 2019, Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War rolled out in India and Canada with many classic Call of Duty game modes. CODM successfully bring many classic elements from the PC verision of Call of Duty to mobile, and a few days later, CODM released battle royale mode, which stimulated many players to compare CODM with PUBGM.

As we all know, PUBG captivated the gaming community by delivering an intensely realistic Battle Royale experience. Additionally, both of PUBGM and CODM are produced by Tencent, and both of them are TOP shooting games with millions of players from all of the world. These similarity stimulated players to discuss: Which is better? PUBGM or CODM?

Honestly, the most appropriate answer would be that the game cannot be compared with the PUBGM right now, since CODM is in the beta stage and there are plenty of changes the game needs. We admit that both COD and PUBG have their own specialty. For a long time, COD is a PC dominator-leader as one of the best offline and online game. With the reputation of Call of Duty, we can predict that CODM will attract a lot of loyal players.

There are many differences between PUBGM and CODM. While CODM is set in the future with many cool features, PUBGM has more realistic elements and keeps trying to keep their player's up by new events like in zombie survival. For their battle royale mode, some important differences includes:

In CODM's battle royale mode, players can revive your teammate. Scan their dog tag and they'll be on the next “revived flight” in less than two minutes.

In CODM's battle royale mode, players can jump from great heights and fly for a while without taking any damage.

Riding helicopter is allowed in CODM.

Besides, the latency is also a key factor. Of course, both of CODM and PUBGM will be equally addictive and fun to play. As a brand new shooting mobile game, will Call of Dudy Mobile challenge PUBGM's position? Which is your favorite?

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