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11-28|by : GameLoop
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"Brawl Stars" is a MOBA shooting game produced by Supercell. It has a strong western cowboy style. Its animated characters are cute, the scene map has regional characteristics, the music effects are very dynamic, and the overall recognition of the game is very strong.

Here are some information and conclusion about the game in terms of the 'Theme', 'Game Design', 'Sound Efects'


"Star Wars Prequel" is a kind of MOBA big chaos game, which can be used as a wild wilderness gun battle. The characters are mostly cartoon characters with regional characteristics. The game scene also corresponds to the western theme, setting up mines, canyons and deserts with cactus. Scenes.

The game that is intensified by the western wilderness is not uncommon on the market (such as wilderness, wild west, etc.). Due to its unique background and characteristics of the times in the western period, most people will come up with the scenes of cowboys, pubs and gun battles in their minds. It can be said that the image of the wilderness in the west has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The characters in the "Star Hegemony", which is the theme of the West, have their own characteristics. The main gun battle showdown is very good for the theme of the game, and because of the uniqueness of the character shape and scene layout, it is different in a more cartoon way. Other games of the Western Wilderness.

Special Event in the Game

The special event mode can be unlocked when the number of trophies reaches 800, which is the last mode that the player can unlock. After each game in each mode, there will be corresponding trophy rewards (penalties), key rewards and experience rewards depending on the winning or losing situation or ranking.

After winning the corresponding number of trophies on the trophy road, there will be a reward (gold coins, characters, experience, new game levels, etc.); each time you get 100 silver keys, you can open a brawl box with rewards for people. , skin or gold coins, etc.; each time you get 10 gold keys, you can open a big box, the content is the same as the cloak box, but the number will be more; whenever the character's experience is full, you can upgrade the character through the gold coin, so that the character Get a higher attribute bonus, the more you use the character in the battle, the faster you upgrade.


  • 3D production, the picture is excellent and smooth, the interface static content and dynamic content are perfectly combined, not complicated, not dazzling.
  • The icon indication is clear. After clicking each icon, the background of the icon will change color and the icon will have some small animations and “transformation”, which is full of fun and clear.
  • The title text is simple and easy to understand, the font size is moderate, the buttons and display contents are laid out reasonably, and it looks very comfortable.
  • The color matching is consistent, the illustration is suitable, and the intermediate picture is well connected.
  • The general action design of each character and the style design of the tricks are in place, simple and clear, but the blood strips of the characters you play sometimes see clearly in the process of chaos, it is best to place them separately on the screen. .
  • There is no excessive activity announcement and advertisement, which creates a good user visual experience.

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