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12-31|by : GameLoop
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A role-playing game, often short as RPG, is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. It is one of the most genres in the game. Today we will introduce the most popular RPG games in 2019.

No. 1 - Men’s Choice Epic Fantasy RPG

Hero Wars: Hero Wars is a strategy tower defense game, which is similar to Plants vs. Zombies. In the game, the aliens have occupied their homeland, so you need to choose the heroes to play against the enemies. When the game starts, the number of gold coins at the top of the screen will continue to increase, like Plants vs. Zombies are like the sun produced by sunflowers. As the level advances, more types of heroes will be available. When the accumulation reaches a certain number, you can click on the optional heroes in the hero list.

No. 2 RAID: Shadow Legends

Gather a group of legendary heroes with incredible abilities to fight the dark forces in different places in the magic world. This Android game will take you into the fantasy world of Teleria. Go along with elves, orcs, wizards and other heroes to find adventure and gold. Collect a balanced character team of different classes and prepare to face any enemy. Destroy hordes of monsters and powerful bosses in the dungeon. Buy weapons and equipment. Fight on the arena.

No. 3 Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert mobile is a mobile game adapted from the Korean super classic massively multiplayer online RPG mobile game. This game is produced and distributed by Pearlabys, Korean game production company. It is launched in more than 150 countries on December 11, and supports 7 languages ​​including English. "Black Desert Mobile" with a pre-registration of 450,000 people not only scored 4.5 points, but even appeared in a queue on the first day of launch. It has very delicate custom faces. Shaping the system, you can make your own face, and create a perfect character!\

No. 4 Monster High™ Beauty Shop

Clawdeen Wolf™, the trendiest fashionista monsterista from “Monster High” just opened her own fashion, beauty, dress up and hair salon - and she needs YOUR Spooktacular makeover touch!

Help Clawdeen Wolf™ give her ghoul friends killer fashion makeover looks at the hair salon!

No. 5 Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

The game mode is a semi-real-time battle system. The player's team and the enemy will be set in sequence. In the beginning, players can only play the light level battle level. After the player has collected 3 dark side characters, they can level up to open the dark battle. Both the light and dark levels have ordinary and difficult difficulty choices. If it is the player's turn to delay and not respond because of thinking, they will not be killed by the enemy. The enemy will stop and wait until the player Make the attack choices; as the level progresses to a certain level, you can choose automatic combat (can be used regardless of whether you have passed the level), and will also help the player's character use skills, it is a good helper for players lazy to upgrade materials.

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