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PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, belongs to a South Korean video game company known as Bluehole. It has become one of the three most popular shooting games in 2019. The other two are Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile.

It is really important to find out the role you want to play in the match for you to win. Depending on your role, you need to find out different attachments, and use for different aim. Therefore, we summary the best setting guide for you as a reference. The loadout can be categories into 4 classes, which are Assault, Defense, Close Quarters, and Ranged.

Assault Loadout

In this build, you can have the hard and fast strikes with your weapons with enough ammo. The main idea is to keep up with long-standing fire to help you find the attachment you are looking for.

Best Loadouts for PUBG

In this build, you are able to look for the ability of great defensive. In another word, you are going to find he weapon that allow you to keep enemies at bay. At the same time, you can switch to shoot them close when necessary. You can hide in some small pieces and shoot your enemies once they get close enough in the shooting range. An unveiled secrete for everyone to live longer.

Close Quarters Loadout

This is the build for a close combat specialist. You need the weapons focus on close, localized, and intense damage. We suggest you have a powerful melee weapon to fall back on.

Ranged Loadout

“Keep your enemies at range, preferably killing them before they ever even see you” is the slogan for this build. You're looking for weapons make crazy range and damage, and attachments that help towards that end.

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