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12-17|by : GameLoop
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You are probably noticed that the 14th season of Mobile Legends has launched for a while, many players have already finished the involved challenges and collected their desired Heroes. However, some players are worried about the end-date of the new season is coming so early and quickly that they are not ready to face the next new season with enough preparation. Here is a summary about the 14th season of Mobile Legends:

As usual, a free skin is released in this season, players with the Grandmaster level could obtain this Mythical skin.

Pharsa - New Skin in Mobile Legends 14 Season

It is leaked that, in the 14th season, seasonal exclusive skins have emerged Mage is a hero, Pharsa who got the special skin ration.

Pharsa is not in the current meta yet. However, at the last apdet Moonton gave a significant buff.

This Pharsa skin seems to complement the newly given buff. The brand-new skin will be named Enchanting Witch. In terms of the skin design, Pharsa wore makeup like a witch but not too dark like the main skin. His hair is blue, with a magic hat and do not forget the owls that follow.

The Official Date and Duration of 14th Season

According to the website and Facebook of Mobile Legends, the start date of the 14th season is 21st September 2019. Meanwhile, the end date of the 14th season is on the 20th December 2019, which is at the end of this week. It still has time for players to participate and watching the 14th season, obtaining more diamonds and the new skin - Pharsa

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